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lunes, 20 de junio de 2011

Zombies surprise "unprepared" to British city


A week after authorities in Leicester, in eastern England, admitted they were unprepared for an invasion of zombies, a horde of "undead" shuffled through the streets

About 150 people make horror films took part in this "collective madness", according to the organizer James Dixon.

The participants "complained and squeezed his face against the glass" in the offices of the municipality.

The accident occurred after the news released last week from someone who identified himself as "concerned citizen" had taken the Law on Freedom of Information, to ask the authorities would react to an attack of zombies.

The request read: "Having seen several films, it is clear that preparation for such an event is rare and is something for which municipalities should be prepared"

The authorities of the municipality of the city of Leicester admitted that they had plans for this potential situation, but said that the request had made them laugh.

The story became a hit on social networking, and led Dixon to host the Saturday evening on Facebook.

What began as a "small group of friends" was transformed as interest grew, so that dozens of fans gathered around the clock tower of the city at noon.

"Quite a show," Dixon said: "We thought shuffling gait from the watch to the offices of the municipality, half a mile through the center of the city.

"The building had just a couple of security guards. Do not attempt to enter, but we squeezed against the glass, like the zombies in the movies.

"A few are in the bar now, has been a very good day."

Chris Porter, a bystander filmed the evening, said he had been "quite a spectacle."

"People were in their routine work when suddenly, a horde of zombies began to move heavily," he said.

"It was amazing to see how everyone stopped to watch. Of course, if it had been a real zombie attack, I think people would have run for his life."


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