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lunes, 27 de diciembre de 2010

Do you know the application PS2Reality mediaplayer 1.50?

This application allows you to play videos in DivX format (AVI) from your Playstation 2.

To do this you must install the program on the console. You need Action Replay device or have the modded console.

The DivX movie can be recorded by any recording application. On their website you will find documentation to configure the program.

Release includes:
* PS2Reality mediaplayer 1.50
* MCLoader
* OGG Audioplayer PS2Reality 0.96 Alpha
* PlayStation 2 Virtual File System 1.0
* A small loader based on the mrbrown reload1 to start with the kit MCLoader PS2Linux

Some features:
* Improved performance
* With MCLoader can boot, install and manage your applications on the memory card (To use this feature you do NOT need to use any specific type of chip of course xD)
* MP3 Player
* ogg vorbis player with OGG PS2Reality Audioplayer 0.96 Alpha
* viewer jpgs
* Support network ps2vfs
* Support PS2Linux TEN (yes, you can start it with your kit Razz)
* Added OGG AC3 and type 1 and 1 +

Download it here:

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