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Mostrando entradas con la etiqueta television. Mostrar todas las entradas

jueves, 9 de junio de 2011

Actors who leave their television sets

Actor Patrick Dempsey has said in an interview with the Italian edition of Vanity Fair "that could leave the series that made ​​him famous around the world in its eighth season.

"It will be my last season (...) I do not know what will happen with the other characters, but for me it will end at that time, "he said Dempsey.

However, Patrick's representative has clarified that his departure might be only temporary. In fact, due to the completion of his contract. "We do not know what will happen in the future, "he asserted.

Apparently, Shonda Rhimes, the creator of "Grey's Anatomy", wants to renew the characters in the ninth season. Therefore it is willing to dispense with the whole team of actors. Another has shown that it has not renewed is Ellen Pompeo, the alter ego of Meredith Grey.

But "Grey's Anatomy"is not the only series that will be modified. Hugh Laurie, star of "House", confessed a few weeks ago the Radio Times: "It seems that the end of this season will be the end of the series. "

As if this were not enough, Jessica Szohr not be on the next season of "Gossip Girl. " "My character had reached a ceiling, what else could explain or show it? It would be almost ridiculous to continue, "he said. And another one leaves the same boat is Taylor Momsen, who wants to focus on his music career.

miércoles, 8 de junio de 2011

Competitions TV: between entertainment and abuse

To what extent should a program break down the barriers of good taste to increase your audience?
A television program in the Philippines goes through this path and faces charges of sexual abuse.

Willing Willie is the kind of program that is widely popular throughout the world. Members of the public act before the cameras, while the audience motivates them.

But the show was taken off the air in April, after showing a child of six years simulating a strip tease.

The show's host, Willie Revillame, pushed the child to undress the child even though the tears were streaming.

The audience seemed indifferent to what happened to the child and laughed and cheered at the same host.

It later emerged that the child's family, like most of the audience, are poor and came to the show for the money that was offered.

Human rights organizations condemned the act.

"It is a form of sexual abuse," said Magnolia Jacinto, Asia spokesman for the organization against child trafficking.

"The children's human rights were not respected. In fact they were violated," said Jacinto.

Its organization and several other government submitted together a lawsuit against Revillame and TV5, the channel that broadcasts the program.

Revillame issued a statement apologizing to those who rated the offensive program, but it has a similar program on the air: Will Time Bigtime (The big time Will).

And the fans are firmly on your side. Lines of people waiting for hours outside the headquarters of the channel with the hope of being part of the audience.

"I come here regularly since the program began 15 years ago. I try to come at all I can," says Lourdes Bartolome, who describes herself as a major supporter of Revillame.

"I felt remorseful when I saw what happened to the child, but it is Willy's fault. The people who criticize are jealous of his success. He helps many poor people."

The hallmark of the program is the money that is offered to participants and because of that people love it.

A quarter of the Philippine population live on less than a dollar a day and in this context, it is no wonder that people travel for hours in hopes of participating in the program.

In 2006, before the episode of an old Willie Revillane program, Wowowee, tens of thousands of people crowded outside the channel because it promised to provide even more money.

The crowd swirled and tried to enter the canal, the guards closed the doors and as a result 74 people died.

Since then, many have criticized the format of their programs, but that has not stopped they are becoming increasingly popular.

Already there are several areas in the Philippines that follow this model. But are they helping the poor or rather taking advantage of the desperation of the people?.

Film director Joey Reyes, one critic said that these programs exploit the fact that people look for some hope.

Reyes noted that often those who earn the most money are those who have the saddest stories, which he considered almost as "a celebration of poverty."

Despite critical reviews, the fact is that the Filipino audience loves this program. As happens in other parts of the world, have more fans than educational programs.

All countries face the dilemma of resolving the extent to which television should educate as well entertain.

When added to the mix extreme poverty and people are willing to do almost anything to appear on these programs, finding a balance between entertainment and exploitation of that reality becomes just as important.

lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

The Amazing Origins of TV Hits

 Songs, dancing and trams are behind the great series of "tele" What they have in common and Frank Sinatra Scooby Doo? And the nineteenth century explorers of the future spacecraft? These and other mysteries are at the root of some of the biggest hits on television, whose birth took place in the most curious.

Best television and its origins:

1. Dr. House:

The real Gregory House is a woman named Lisa Sanders. Producer Paul Attanasio had the idea for 'House' when he read the scathing columns of this doctor in the New York Times.
2. You're a kid 'Pocoyo':

David Cantolla hit on the perfect name for this series when he heard his daughter say to the sentence of three years' child Jesus. " The little confused and instead of 'you're a kid like me' said 'you're a kid Pocoyo'.

3. Frank Sinatra, 'co-creator "of Scooby Doo

This animated series was originally going to call 'Who's afraid? ", With a dog named' Too 'as the protagonist. Its creator, Fred Silverman, gave the finishing touches while listening to the song 'Strangers in the Night' by Frank Sinatra. When Frank sang the part that says' doo ... See more

4. A Streetcar Named CSI:

Anthony Zuiker, tram driver and aspiring screenwriter, was heading a good day to play basketball. His wife convinced him to stay at home, and together they watched a documentary on forensic called "The New Detectives." After the program Zuiker had a brilliant idea: to create the ... See more

5. Desperate Housewives ... and murderers:

The writer Marc Cherry was shocked after seeing on television the story of Andrea Yates, a seemingly normal mother who, after a postpartum depression, killed her baby. Cherry thought it would be a good idea to create a series on the hidden side of a group of women in a neighborhood ... See more

6. Captain Kirk, the browser:

Gene Roddenberry had everything ready for his great creation, the science fiction series Star Trek. Lacked only outline its main character, Captain James Kirk. Rodenberry found inspiration in a real character: Captain James Cook, an explorer whose motto was' go further than ... See more

7. Miami Vice, by fax:

The official origin of this series came to investigate claims that the fight against drug trafficking. But the most widespread rumor says that all a writer came when he received a fax from NBC, with instructions for creating a new action series. The document contained only these ... See more

8. The Daleks, dancing robots:

Terrifying robots that plague the Doctor Who are inspired by ballet. The writer Terry Nation had the idea for a dance performance, noting how they moved the skirts of the dancers to turn on stage.

sábado, 30 de abril de 2011

First Details of The Farewell Episode for Nathan Misftis

After the fuss that has been mounted on the Internet withthe abandonment Misfits Robert Sheehan, producers have been quick in letting go of how will this tragic farewell and plans to replace the character.

Howard Overman, creator of the series, referred to as a special "film" that will pass in Las Vegas, we assume that in a wild party given the key players have recovered parole.


Nathan suffer an accident involving their beloved pick'n'mix, while we will know who will be his replacement, a role for which one has transcended its name: Rudy. "We are very excited about the third season. Overman created brilliant stories surprised and fans can breathe easy as it begins in a way that no one can imagine, "added a network executive E4, Robert Wulff-Cochran.

Despite the enthusiasm of those involved, the fact is that lies ahead for the troubled mission to keep the series alive after the departure of its star, something that usually takes years to happen when seated on the grill (CSI, Stargate, Dr. Who , The Office) and in this case can be a fatal blow because Misfits is a newcomer out of his native England (in Spain opens Friday on MTV).

The special can be viewed on the website of the E4 channel before the series returns later this year (November-December) and is not in the counting of episodes of the new release, 8, one more than the second season. We do not know is what he had meant to refer to the special Overman as a film.

I do not think talk of a TV-movie and in that case it would issue on television. I guess something like Lost epilogue, yes, having something really interesting as the progress of one of the most subversive and hilarious characters on television today that the saying "live fast, die young and leave a beautiful corpse "comes in handy.

Philips Will Stop Making TV

The Dutch electronics company leave the production of these teams to focus on the objectives of the firm in the lighting and the provision of facilities for the medical sector.

The Dutch electronics giant Philips, the European group last major TV maker, announced it will abandon the activity, and transfer this unit to a joint venture with its partner TPV, an international manufacturer of monitors.

"Finding a solution for our television business was our top priority and recognize that the future POS 70/30 joint venture will become profitable for the TV business, and increased the concentration of the portfolio for Health and Philips wellness, "said Chief Executive Frans van Houten said in a statement.

Van Houten, a restructuring expert, took over as CEO on April 1.

The Dutch group is facing the Japanese Sony and especially to the South Korean Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, which lowered the prices of their TV through a model of high-performance production, benefited from a weakened national currency.

Founded in 1891, the Dutch group in 1950 produced its first black and white televisions, for domestic consumption. The production of color televisions began in 1962.

The television manufacturing business will become final after 2011 in a joint venture in which Philips will retain a 30 per cent. The remainder will be sold to TPV Technology, a specialist in LCD screens and computers based in Hong Kong.

The selling price of that 70 percent will be calculated based on the operating result (EBIT) annual industry average over a period of at least three years from 2012.

"In other words, Philips will receive cash for their participation only if the business sector get benefits," said Joost Akkermans, a spokesman

The televisions produced by Philips brand coempresa will look for at least five years in exchange for royalty payments.

The coempresa not sell appliances in China, India, United States, Canada, Mexico and some Latin American countries that the group would not specify, as they closed in other agreements that allow TV manufacturers to use the Philips brand.

The Dutch group, which has about 117,000 employees, including 3,500 in the television sector, was long specialized in the production of television sets and small appliances. But for the past ten years, the group is developing the production of medical devices, such as MRI scanners, and lighting systems.

"We must take our business of medical supplies to the top" of the market, and "maintain" the leadership in the lighting division, said van Houten, who believes that "must be done to unlock the full potential from Philips.

Philips is the world's largest maker of light bulbs, one of the three largest makers of equipment for hospitals and the largest producer of consumer electronics in Europe.

Competes with General Electric and Siemens in the health sector and spotlights, and Samsung and LG Electronics, among others, in the television sector.

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