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Mostrando entradas con la etiqueta player. Mostrar todas las entradas

domingo, 29 de mayo de 2011

Online TV Player: Xe-InternetTV 1.5

Xe-InternetTV is a simple player of TV channels that broadcast over the Internet.

The program has just added channels by default. It is designed so that the user will make their own collection of channels and group them according to the language, content, etc.

The Xe-InternetTV interface is very simple, much like the Windows player. Moreover, the right has a panel to sort the channels in a tree ....


• Add channels manually
• Button to capture the window contents
• Has few channels added by default

Download it here: http://xe-internettv.softonic.com/descargar

Online TV Player: gE3k TV 0.0.2 Beta

gE3k TV is a TV tuner with a choice of channels divided into seven thematic categories.

Most broadcasts are in English and are divided into news, sports, cinema, education, kids, music and religion. Among the most popular channels include, for example, CNN and CCTV.

Simple and with few options, gE3k TV Player is a very basic but it works without too many complications.

Advantages of the software:

• Very simple
• Over 90 channels
• Optional full-screen display

• Not all channels work
• Few options
• No Spanish-language channels

Download it here:   http://ge3k-tv.softonic.com/descargar

Online TV Player: RO 1.1 VTV

VTV RO is a simplified version of VEO TV, not features or capabilities, but rather by the fact that only supports radio and television stations in the format of RealOne Player.

With RO VTV will show through the Internet a total of 52 television channels (from all over the world and languages​​) and 12 radio stations (all Spanish-speaking, though in different parts of the world). All connections are made ​​through the RealOne Player, which without going into comparisons with Windows Media Player, making connections at a higher speed, which makes a real RO VTV sample of stations and channels.

In addition to viewing TV channels and listen to the radio stations will also be informed of the latest news by teletype. The display is small, so that the texts are almost illegible, but the images are quite clear.

Requires RealOne Player and a minimally decent Internet connection (a better connection, less cutting)

Download it here: http://vtv-ro.softonic.com/descargar

Online TV Player: Octoshape 1.0

Octoshape is not only an online customer can broadcast streaming audio and video channels to our favorite players (Winamp, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, VLC or Apple iTunes), is also a streaming technology of very high quality, no noise or cuts connection.

To make matters worse, the installation of Octoshape is very fast and almost zero configuration, almost because if you do not like Winamp, for example, and I prefer iTunes, you will have the option of using default system player. Once installed, Octoshape is only manifested through an icon from the system tray.

Double clicking on the icon to activate sufficient Octoshape and open the Octoshape website with audio and video channels available, among which you'll 24H TVE, FLAIX MAXXIMA FM or FM, to name a few. The quality is high, the only downside is the limited selection of channels.

Download it here: http://octoshape.softonic.com/descargar

Player: Solway's Internet TV and Radio Player 1.54

No modern multimedia player is complete without television. And this is the case, radio and TV in one program.

You know that from the outset, television channels are there in spite of the updates that should happen, not going to satisfy entry. Few channels and no Spanish. I hope that the comment is outdated in a few weeks. Good sign, no doubt.

As for radio stations, it is another story. The ability to access musical sensibilities of other latitudes and have nothing to do with the radiofórmulas is itself a joy. But what makes the difference is the opportunity to record our own mixes from the same interface. Before, be sure to adjust the properties of the Recording Control. Enable "Stereo Mix" and delight your friends with subjects who had never heard.

While aesthetically the player is not a wonder and other problems, like if you use Winamp have to see how to start aside, unlike Windows Media Player or Real Player, compensates for the ability to edit channels and very funny hour DJ await you as improvised waves.

Download it free here: http://solway-s-internet-tv-and-radio-player.softonic.com/descargar

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