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Mostrando entradas con la etiqueta networks. Mostrar todas las entradas
Mostrando entradas con la etiqueta networks. Mostrar todas las entradas

sábado, 24 de marzo de 2012

GWYNETH PALTROW DRUNK ON RACHEL RAY: Star Defends Her New Cook Book While Drinking

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow appeared a little tipsy on the Rachel Ray Show recently to defend her new cook book 'My Father's Daughter'. In a recent New York Times article it was implied that Paltrow had used a ghost-writer to help her write her book, which Paltrow denies.

martes, 21 de febrero de 2012

Aspire: Television network of Magic Johnson


Magic Johnson will handle its own television network, Aspire, a space-oriented U.S. African American community.

The agreement with media giant Comcast will allow Johnson lead a content channel "positive and uplifting the African American community" in his own words, joining other chains that have the same goal in terms of audience as BET and TV One

Aspire films mixed with other programs that include music and comedy, with land for religion and the content itself.

The announcement of Comcast, the largest cable television company in the United States with 22 million subscribers, comes in line with political pressure from Washington to diversify its offer following the acquisition of NBC Universal.

After a year of federal investigation, Comcast gave the green light to release 10 new channels geared toward minorities such as African Americans and Latinos between now and 2018.

Thanks to this initiative, the rapper Sean Combs, aka Puff Daddy, will also have its own channel in collaboration with veteran Andy Schoun MTV. Revolt will be called and will focus on the music world with interviews, live performances and an important component of social networks. Is expected to begin operating next year.

Also the director Robert Rodriguez, a Mexican, a channel will focus on the Hispanic, El Rey. Dump will be in English but with the Latino community through their own television series, films, documentaries, news, music and sports.

sábado, 28 de mayo de 2011

Poisoning Symptoms That Cause Us The Social Networks

Perhaps you have not noticed, but if you can not avoid seeing your Facebook profile each time you connect to the Internet, if your work Twitter is blocked and you spend hours thinking about what they're talking all those who follow and do not pass or a day without entering any of the wide range of social media that includes Internet. Then and only then you suffer from addiction.

Here 's the symptoms of this disease that many suffer:

1. You sound like Twitter offline

You can summarize in 140 characters you have done during the weekend, you can even find space sobrarte boring and talkative to those who exceed this limit.

2. Your thumbs have taken a static form

After making so many clicks "like" your brain thinks that to give your approval this is the clear and correct gesture to communicate.

3. Suffer "depression of the RT"

Are you sad to think that your tweets are interesting, but have not gotten the response it should. You can also sharpen if your friends do not like your post on the wall or have not commented on your blog.

4. Synonymous use of Twitter in your life offline

Now you do not say "I'm dying of laughter" but prefer to say "LOL" while commenting on the final gag in your favorite host.

5. Accumulate accounts and profiles on social media

As those addicted to clothes, you keep everything, I am saddened to separate you from one of your accounts and are still found all the profiles of sites like Google Buzz, but never got to convince you or you, or any of its users.

6. You are the supreme Mayor

In offline life could not reconcile the mayor in more than 2 towns, but by Foursquare has learned what it means to be the representative figure of 30 different places, even you changed your daily habits to make you with any more.

7. You're a fake farmer
Sometimes the line between offline and online world is uncertain, so if you have become one of the best farmers Ville Farm, do not think you can drop everything and create a farm, among other things because you spend 90% of your time online.

8. You have the syndrome of Captain Ahab

When you find a whale of Twitter cabrearte can not avoid, like when you drop the blue network.

9. You are obsessed with tech gadgets

You keep abreast of the latest technology, whether fixed or mobile devices to stay constantly connected.

10. Complex offline

It's hard to leave home without checking multiple if your smartphone is in your pocket, but the chances are and if this happens you just feel like those weirdos who are not online 24 hours.

martes, 10 de mayo de 2011

Television and Social Networks

The days when families gathered around the television reverentially came to an end a long time ago.But as noted by the BBC reporter, Jane Wakefield, the prophets who claimed that traditional television programming "linear" disappear on account of services "on demand" could be wrong too.

A new generation of viewers are witnessing the "social television", a mixture of regular TV with social networking.

A recent study by the advertising agency, Digital Clarity, found that 80% of those under 25 years use a second screen to communicate while watching TV and 72% use Twitter, Facebook or any mobile application to make comments during the shows .

Currently, fusion is like watching television with an eye on Twitter and another on Facebook, but that's beginning to change because executives are experiencing "serious" with it.

In New Zealand, TVNZ has launched a new television channel for young people in that Facebook is part of the transmission to create an interactive environment in a music show.

The backbone of the programming is "U live", a program that includes chats and comments, run by a Facebook application, and even profile photos, reviews and surveys.
Second screen

Last month the U.S. channel HBO broadcast Howard Stern's film titled "Private Parts" as the comedian commented live via Twitter.

The creators of this network are excited about the possibility of deeper integration with the TV, although still in the process of figuring out how they will get money from it.

Speaking at the Mobile World Congress event, Twitter's chief executive, Dick Costolo, said the search for a second screen in the television industry has ended.

"That second screen is Twitter," said Costolo.

According to a study by Nielsen, more than 85% of mobile users and computers access the Internet while watching TV.
At the same time

However, only 24% do so to search for content related to the television program.

Many enter the network to communicate with family and friends (56%) visit social networks (40%) and surf several sites (37%).

Robin Sloan, a member of the team's media liaison Twitter, think there's definitely an appetite among Twitter users for greater integration.

Sloan told the BBC that the service has seen huge increases in traffic when transmitting in certain programs such as soap operas, sports and reality programs.
Twitter offices

For many people, Twitter is an important source of content.

"It's remarkable because the conversation on Twitter can be moving with a tweet from time to time, but soon started a football game or the Oscars, for instance, the tweets are fired and multiply about 10, 20 or 50 times. A figure that has remained until the show ends, "he explains.

"People like to talk about these things while they are happening," says Sloan.

So what's next for Twitter on TV?

"At this stage, television executives are using Twitter mainly to attract your audience and give them something to talk about. Our aim at ensuring that Twitter is integrated into programs," said Sloan.

According to him, "this means that many believe that Twitter is a comprehensive source of content and that the network could be exposed to a very large audience."

Sponsored tweets, which allow companies to pay for their commentaries to multiply, are a major source of current income of the company.

"As soon start a football game or the Oscars, for instance, what lse tweets soar and multiply about 10, 20 or 50 times"

Robin Sloan, a member of Twitter Media

News sites such as the Washington Post and Al Jazeera, sponsored tweets were already using to inform people about the content of their news and live streams, said Sloan.

There is a clear correlation between them and Twitter, which has increasingly become a tool for breaking news.

However, when it comes to finding ways to integrate media such as television, the approach can be complicated.

Try to include television series, for example, is problematic.

"If you are the producer of a show, say, CSI, for instance-and comes to ask how you can integrate Twitter, the truth is something we are still trying to figure out," Sloan said.

"This is really new and still not know exactly how Twitter works best, but we are always looking for partners willing to experiment," he concluded.

sábado, 30 de abril de 2011

Gatunes, The First Spanish-fi Network

Kenneth Bentley, cofounder of Tuenti, and computer programmer Daniel Esteban Nombela, just released to the market Gatunes, the first Spanish network of music that we can get in touch with millions of music fans to share our tastes in music and favorite bands.

According to Bentley, "is a page to discover music. You can listen to your favorite artists through Youtube, make your charts and share your tastes with your friends."

The "Social Network Musical" will be completely free, not premium, ad-free versions, and will have a similar style to the U.S. or Groovershark Spotify. At Gatun, the user accesses creating your profile, and from there controls the content of the wall, listen to the songs you like and can share with the rest of the community. The page content is served from the video website YouTube and will be a perfect platform for groups that are beginning to make themselves known to the public by presenting their new songs, promote, sell their shirts, badges and other merchandising and advertising their future concerts .

"We were in the Canaries Kenny and I, and we had this idea, we started to develop and already in 2009 he joined Alonso, who is in charge of design. In late 2009 we were going to leave because things did not go, but went back to study it more depth, see the failures and reprogram it, and in September 2010 saw the project was more or less consolidated, "said Esteban was born Nombela regarding how Gatun.

Gatun is available in English, Portuguese and Spanish, "plus some dialects of Castilian and no application for iPhone or Android, and that this platform only" allows you to view videos with a flash movie "and" smartphones "no support this format. "

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