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Mostrando entradas con la etiqueta internet. Mostrar todas las entradas
Mostrando entradas con la etiqueta internet. Mostrar todas las entradas

domingo, 22 de mayo de 2011

Rebecca Black, The Internet Phenomenon That Everyone Makes Fun ... Except Lady Gaga

Rebecca Black is the new phenomenon on the Internet. At 13, her first single, Friday, is reaping anything but good reviews. Many scoff at the lyrics of her song, there are dozens of parodies, the word "snafu" was the most accepted to qualify which is already one of the viral of the year.

However, with Rebecca Black is true that of 'he who laughs last laughs best. " Your video has been among the most watched on YouTube, but that's not all. Is making good profits due to its low cost.

Black's mother spent 1400 euros for the recording of the song and the video clips that were made under the umbrella of the Ark Music Factory production. No need for any promotional campaign, the video has triumphed in iTunes and YouTube. In 10 days, she had won a million euros in revenues, as recorded by Hollywood Life.

The company's music store delivery Black Apple about 50 cents per download, and total sales have exceeded two million in just two weeks, a sensation, as reports from the agency Europa Press.

On the other hand, YouTube has raised in the early days € 14,000, ten times what it cost the video clip. According to Forbes magazine, the video portal gets a dollar for every 1,000 visitors to the video, and of those 68% gains accruing to Ark Music Factory.
Lady Gaga, great defender

Lady Gaga has become this week in the great defender of the young Black. He says it is "a genius" and counters to make fun of Black: "I say that Rebecca Black is a genius and all you say it's cheesy are full of shit."
Will the new Bieber? Justin seems to not like

Quickly appeared that those who see in it a new style phenomenon Justin Bieber, who has his 'artistic cradle' on the Internet. However, Bieber himself has left a pill in your twitter about the simplicity of the lyrics to Black.

Black sings "Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes after." Well, Bieber, tweeted "Sunday comes after Saturday? How strange," a comment interpreted by many as a mockery to the young age of 13.

martes, 10 de mayo de 2011

Incredible: Online TV, 4500 channels at a click

Through this page you can access the free software radio and television over the Internet which is discharged from a subscription service offered through mobile customers only Optus, Vodafone and Telstra in Spain.

This service is sending recommendations via sms on web pages and software programs for free. High cost of 1.42 euros per sms sms rec. Incl. The service has no additional cost associated with connecting or browsing WAP / GPRS / UMTS. Maximum number of SMS sent: 14 weekly. The subscription service requires no minimum stay period in it. Any user may unsubscribe at anytime by sending an sms with the word LOW to 797979

To learn more go to: http://www.software-gratuito1.com/

Interesting website to watch TV without having to download any player

 Tvporinternet.TV compiles channels broadcast via the Internet for free, under no circumstances can view any channel on this website copyrighted or paid content.

The goal is to spread Tvporinternet.TV collect and provide the user all the channels that broadcast over the Internet in a single page, and serve as a means of dissemination to the media may find it easier to spread when its channel in the social media

Want to know the web?, go here: http://www.tvporinternet.tv/

martes, 14 de diciembre de 2010

TVs and 3D technology ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

3D technology has not convinced everyone, but seems to have done with that matters.

Two big companies like LG and Samsung have already submitted their televisions capable of reproducing 3D images, although it is a technology that only can be found in film and still not sure whether work competently at home.

Anyway, the last to make a similar announcement was Sony, who said the end of 2010 will be selling Bravia televisions 3D.

With many filmmakers adopting 3D technology, the film seems to be going through a transitional stage.

We do not believe that at some point the 3D will completely replace the 2D, but we believe they can live in balance. As more and more cinemas support even a kind of 3D technology, factories TVs are starting to do the same.

According to Sir Howard Stringer, chief executive of Sony in England, "clearly is on its way to becoming a mass market technology. You still have to solve a lot of problems, but the train is on rails and 3D Sony is ready to take home. "He also said that Sony was inspired by his success in film technology since captured the imagination of thousands of filmmakers. For this reason, plans to sell Sony Bravia TVs globally supporting 3D since late 2010.

In addition to the official announcement of the new Bravia models, also said he "expects" other Sony products like Vaio laptops, games for PlayStation 3 and Blu-ray DVDs, also adopt 3D technology. Stringer certainly no decision on whether this will be the future of Sony, but it may be a window into what the Japanese company plans for the future.

Another department where Sony also plans to implement the 3D technology, is in the Blu-ray. Have said, there are already several teams working to deliver a 3D experience consisting of such records and also confirmed that they have a resolution of 1080p and is compatible with reading 2D.

Finally, Sony also announced a television service that will access the Internet and, for example, watch YouTube videos on TV. The latter is expected in November in England. We will have to wait to find out about other countries.

If it were companies that were not completely convinced that the 3D was not confined to movies and could also make their appearance in homes, the fact that Sony now also support this technology will be a big step to be accepted en masse.

The Japanese firm is now added to others like LG and Samsung, who have also made TV that will support some sort of 3D technology. For more details, it says that Sony will have more information in the IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin), which will take place in Berlin next week.

martes, 30 de noviembre de 2010

Internet is the preferred means of communication worldwide in front of TV, radio and newspapers.

The truth is that you saw this coming for years, but the data now speaks for itself. Internet is the preferred means of communication worldwide in front of TV, radio and newspapers.

This has been the conlusión to TNS has come through a study called "Digital Life" that has left clear that the Internet has replaced all traditional media. 61% of people with online access use the network every day, compared with 54% for television, 36% for radio, and 32% for newspapers. Obviously, these percentages are about connected users, but Internet penetration is also growing (especially the mobile aspect.)

Some interesting facts: 88% of Chinese and 51% of Brazilians say they have written their own blog or posting on an online forum, compared to only 32% of their U.S. counterparts

92% of Thai Internet users, 88% of Malays and 87% of Vietnamese have uploaded photos to a network or a place to share against only 48% of Germans and 28 % of the Japanese.

The biggest users of social networks are in Malaysia, with nine hours a week, followed by Russia with 8, 1 pm and the Turks with 7, 7 hours a week.

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