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lunes, 29 de noviembre de 2010

Applicast Widgets: Watching television will never be the same

Applicast ™ widgets allow you to access the best of internet in perfect harmony with the simplicity and reliability of your BRAVIA ™.

Applicast ™ widgets TV makes getting to your favorite Internet services. See the latest news, see the latest sports scores, check the weather be tomorrow or see what time you can go to watch your favorite movie in theaters near you.

It's easy, take remote control of your television sit back and stay connected.

Use the web while enjoying your TV favoritos.Los Applicast ™ widgets allow you to interact with a selection of web services while watching TV. Press a button on your remote and select the menu Applicast Xross Media Bar ™ your BRAVIA ™ to display the sidebar Applicast ™, select a Widget, and view its contents without missing a moment of your program favorite TV show.

You can, for example, the latest news of your favorite newspaper while the other members of his family continue watching television.

You can quickly and through control of your TV, connect directly to the photos in flickr friends see the latest news from your favorite newspaper, the condition and weather forecast, see the billboard of his closest theaters, see which pharmacies you are near (you never know!) y. .. Many more are on the way!

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List of sites to watch documentaries online: Online Documentary

Videos documentales on-line en español. Documentales de ciencia, arquitectura, naturaleza, historia, sociedad y un sin fin de temas interesantes , a mi en particular me fascina el mundo de los documentales , los cuales no son mas que una conferencia del tema tratado y nos ayuda a conocer este mundo en el que vivimos.

Compruebalo por ti mismo: http://documentales.com.es/index.htm

The pay TV and Internet will drive the leisure market

More people watching TV Online

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