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Mostrando entradas con la etiqueta iPhone. Mostrar todas las entradas

sábado, 30 de abril de 2011

Gatunes, The First Spanish-fi Network

Kenneth Bentley, cofounder of Tuenti, and computer programmer Daniel Esteban Nombela, just released to the market Gatunes, the first Spanish network of music that we can get in touch with millions of music fans to share our tastes in music and favorite bands.

According to Bentley, "is a page to discover music. You can listen to your favorite artists through Youtube, make your charts and share your tastes with your friends."

The "Social Network Musical" will be completely free, not premium, ad-free versions, and will have a similar style to the U.S. or Groovershark Spotify. At Gatun, the user accesses creating your profile, and from there controls the content of the wall, listen to the songs you like and can share with the rest of the community. The page content is served from the video website YouTube and will be a perfect platform for groups that are beginning to make themselves known to the public by presenting their new songs, promote, sell their shirts, badges and other merchandising and advertising their future concerts .

"We were in the Canaries Kenny and I, and we had this idea, we started to develop and already in 2009 he joined Alonso, who is in charge of design. In late 2009 we were going to leave because things did not go, but went back to study it more depth, see the failures and reprogram it, and in September 2010 saw the project was more or less consolidated, "said Esteban was born Nombela regarding how Gatun.

Gatun is available in English, Portuguese and Spanish, "plus some dialects of Castilian and no application for iPhone or Android, and that this platform only" allows you to view videos with a flash movie "and" smartphones "no support this format. "

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