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jueves, 12 de enero de 2012

Razer has a tablet specifically dedicated to games


The computer peripheral manufacturer Razer and experts in the design of portable and high-powered equipment specifically designed for gaming, presented at CES 2012 in Las Vegas its new tablet dedicated to video games, with the provisional name of Project Fiona.

There is a tablet designed to compete with iPhone or Android tablets what has been called the "post-PC era", but on a device specifically designed for games that actually integrate traditional controls on both sides , as shown in the images of the prototype.

The launch is scheduled for the last quarter of 2012, with a price less than $ 1,000 estimate.

The goal is to allow the tablet PC running games last generation, so that will have an Intel Core i7 next generation.

The tablet PC can run games natively, without adjustments, enhancements or developments from scratch. Not specified what operating system will integrate, but ensures that Fiona Project run PC games have never been played on a tablet.

The control system controls the tablet will use two parallel, on both sides of the screen, simulating a control pad and allow to play PC games that can be controlled with pad.

The tablet also has accelerometers to detect motion, and your screen will be multitouch, allowing developers to integrate hybrid forms of control and play games designed for touch screen.

Allow games designed to Fiona could use hybrid control systems. Furthermore, the two commands will have vibration.

martes, 10 de enero de 2012

The stylus shaped of Plow Games

                    Un lápiz táctil con forma de rifle de asaltoUn lápiz táctil con forma de rifle de asalto

Plow Games has announced a stylus  intended to be used especially in iPad, iPhone, Android and other touch devices, shaped assault rifle.

This is the Stylus Gun and ensure it has a soft touch and feel the screen and is designed to work with capacitive screens, ie those that operate with your finger.

                         Un lápiz táctil con forma de rifle de asalto

It is made of black plastic with metal satin texture can be caught both the right hand with his left.

No price has been announced or release date.

List of rules for the expulsion of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3


Infinity Ward has released the official community standards Call of Duty eject Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: what behaviors are not allowed to improve the player's statistics and facing other players, and what are the "punishments "For every breach, the first time committed to the second and third.

a) Boosting: Organize items rigged to enhance your experience, prestige, punctuation, levels of weapons and unlock things in the game.

1) First offense: banned for 48 hours and statistics reset.

2) Second offense: banned for 48 hours, stats reset and banned permanently from the rankings.

3) Third offense: banned permanently.

b) Cheating: Making mistakes or tricks of the game to improve your experience, prestige, punctuation, levels of weapons and unlock things in the game.

1) First offense: banned for 48 hours and statistics reset.

2) Second offense: banned for 48 hours, stats reset and banned permanently from the rankings.

3) Third offense: banned permanently.

c) Glitching: Organize items to take advantage of errors in the game and improve their expertise, prestige, punctuation, levels of weapons and unlock things in the game.

1) First offense: banned for 48 hours and statistics reset.

2) Second offense: banned for 48 hours, stats reset and banned permanently from the rankings.

3) Third offense: banned permanently.

d) Hacking: Any player that changes the game's executable file or create fake items in order to improve statistics or things in the game will unlock your console banned permanently.

e) offensive behavior: Players who abuse the game of bad language, to harass other players or have considered unacceptable behavior will be banned for 24 hours.

f) Offensive Gamertag: Players who use a nickname deemed offensive or unacceptable for other players have a reputation ban 5,000. If the ban reputation exceeds a certain limit can keep playing.

sábado, 18 de junio de 2011

Impressions of Prototype 2 for Playstation 3

In recent years seems to have become fashionable with open-world games, now we're in a time where technology permits. After a flurry of new titles a few years we have seen even aftermath of several titles were born in this generation they belong to that genre, like Assassin's Creed (who have released two sequels, and we are headed in the third) or Infamous 2, which came recently.

Next on the list is Prototype 2, Activision's commitment to gender and we will in 2012 and we saw a preview in Los Angeles.

The game takes place 14 months after the events narrated in the first, but this time the protagonist is Alex Mercer, who control the first game, but a soldier who is infected, passing his powers.

The new player saw his wife and children die and find the culprits, having no objection to unleash its powers if that gets his revenge.

In this sense, according to its developers told us, the game will be more beast than before, since they believe that is what he liked people and what distinguished him from others, why they have chosen a character that is not afraid to use his powers.

Again takes place in New York, but this time will be delimited by three different zones. The first is the red zone, which would be Manhattan, which was ground zero for the explosion of the virus.

This territory is controlled by the virus and no humans, while known to have survived. The second area is the yellow quarantine zone, in which healthy people live with others who are carriers or have begun to mutate, without the military are able to curb the expansion, but take advantage of the situation experiments on the virus.

Finally there is the green area, a militarized area that is supposedly safe from viruses, but soon discover that this is not true.

As in the first part, between the skills of the protagonist is the ability to disguise from others, so that it can go undetected in hostile environments.

 Of course, you always have the option of using more direct techniques, such as throwing cars into the air, stealing a barrel of a tank and use it against the military or use a biological bomb that burst a person and create a ripple effect of a black material viscous finish the rest.

But if we are men of action, will also be the option of melee and the virus will allow us to modify our bodies to adapt to the combat, providing us with a giant blade that literally shatter the enemies.

In this sense the game is much more brutal beast than the last, which certainly appeals to more than one. When choosing our powers, we have a set of skills that we choose in each moment, because we have a series of slots that will lead us only a certain number of skills at all times, although any time we decide which activities and which we took off.

As above, being located in an open world makes the game based on missions, but how to develop the main plot is the same as the first part, this is absorbing some key people to take their memories and find the information that interests us and move us forward.

A new feature also allows us to win some prizes are the dungeons, hidden places around town where we end up with a horde of mutants, some with a really huge size, to clean them and conquer them. No doubt another reason to explore the city.

Visually much improved from the previous delivery, which is good news though, was to be expected, it was quite discretito. Yet despite its evident improvement, is far from other titles of the genre, so we expect its creators used the time they have left (not out until next year) to enhance this section to make it attractive.

What remains are fighting well, seeing how it moves the protagonist and being able to interact with a number of things in the city, something we hope to continue strengthening.

Prototype 2 I think this will improve its predecessor in all aspects of promoting that made him stand out from its competitors and the audience really liked. Surely being able to make the city the beast is really sexy, though we hope not to forget the rest of the sections and to balance the overall adventure. Fortunately there's still development time and hope that the game continues to improve.

Impressions of Little Deviants to Psvita

When a few months ago was first PS Vita, known at that time as NGP, one of the titles that were used to demonstrate the capabilities of the console was an unabashed Little Deviants game that we could try at E3 this year bring our impressions.

Little Deviants consists of a series of minigames, each with a number of levels that offer enough depth, and not try to test only a few seconds, but depending on our skill levels can go past.

In the demo we tried was available four ways, each with its own gameplay and the common denominator that took advantage of the new possibilities of the console and are led by the deviants, some funny creatures that take different forms.

The first game we tried was using the camera to offer augmented reality. On the screen appeared a few enemies aboard a flying saucer who wanted to kidnap the deviants and our duty was to move the screen to locate and destroy them before they finished with our partners.

The second used the gyroscope and made us take a deviant over a raked stage with the console and avoiding obstacles that made him lose time, and if time reaches zero level, we lost.

The third test we played we were forced to use both the touch screen touch panel front and back, presenting a house with several windows that were opened and left to see enemies that touch. Grace is that it could appear in front (we played from the screen) or behind (we used the touch panel rear), and must use both panels in more than one occasion, all the while we avoided giving the innocent who also came from time to time .

Finally, a minigame that was taught with the presentation of the game for the first time, who, using the touch panel rear raised our ground and we were leading a deviant form of a sphere with the stage.

Say it and see it sounds simple, but the fact is that cost us more than we thought at first, but it only cost a couple of games begin to manage it well (not master).

The goal was to get in each phase, a portal that more was located in a different place, all while esquivábamos enemies who swarmed the stage.

Graphically color and offers a casual style and although we do not believe that is the best title to demonstrate the capabilities of the console in this sense (for that is already Uncharted) if we believe that their creators have gotten a very attractive visual style and full of life surely dazzle more than one.

Overall I liked Little Deviants. This is a collection of minigames, ideal for portable games, and is quite challenging and we should strive to go through the levels. Also, console applications like us really clever and fun and we look forward to seeing the rest of the mini-games to see what has happened to their creators.

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