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martes, 17 de abril de 2012

Mike Tyson 'born to entertain'

Mike Tyson tells Showbiz Tonight about his one man show in Vegas and reveals he was on drugs wile filming "The Hangover"

martes, 13 de marzo de 2012

Carlos Slim brings back the great Larry King

Larry King was the man of the night talk show on CNN. His face became the face of the cable news network that revolutionized the television market.

But the years passed, CNN lost Bellows and King was taken by the winds of the new era. In search of the hearing loss, and put him away in the corner of the special programs. Recently announced that it had terminated all employment relationships.

But for the journalist of the straps and broken voice, closing that door is not the end but a new beginning. Yesterday it was announced in New York found that Larry King chair to continue its own, with the interviews. The opportunity is given by Carlos Slim, who does not seem a bad source that thirst.

Mexican businessman, the richest person in the world by Forbes and one of the titans of the telecommunications industry, has launched a bid to make internet television channel based in the Big Apple.

Has called Ora.tv. They say that despite the misspellings in the language of Cervantes, the meaning is the equivalent of Hello English. Slim Jon Housman has chosen to lead this project. Housman also has a past as a former president of digital journalism at News Corporation, the holding company for Rupert Murdoch's media.

America Movil, owned by billionaire company that dominates the mobile phone in South America, is the only firm to finance the initiative. Slim is the main operator of pay television in the Spanish mainland. It has 13 million users, especially in Brazil. The only exception to this rule occurs in their own country due to the veto imposed by the Government.

Ora.tv scheduling, paid by advertising, not subscriptions, will begin later this year. The platform will create a wide range of programs to serve their own content to its customers on demand. They may be downloaded or viewed streaming live-without-download on TVs with network access, computers, tablets and mobile phones. All formats will be interactive.

King says he excited to work with Slim and Housman in creating Ora.tv. The fusion of so much experience, he added, is "a recipe for success."

sábado, 18 de junio de 2011

Lady Gaga and her new music video: 'The Edge of Glory'

Lady Gaga has new video, 'The Edge of Glory', the third single from their recent 'Born This Way'. In it, Lady Gaga is more demure and nostalgic than usual.

'The Edge of Glory' is a theme that Lady Gaga wrote a few months ago while visiting her dying grandfather in the hospital and talks about living the last moments of life.

In the video images, Lady Gaga moves in an atmosphere of smoke and neon.

'The Edge of Glory' is directed by Joseph Kahn, the same who handled the video for 'LoveGame', one of the items on the previous album Lady Gaga, 'The Fame'.

viernes, 17 de junio de 2011

Celebrities who wanted to be pop stars

Mr Spock Leonard Nimoy's recorded Music From Outer Space (The music from outer space of Mr. Spock) in 1967 to capitalize on the popularity of the series Star Trek. The album had everything: stories of science fiction, sounds claiming to be from another galaxy and space-themed songs.

The eighties musical adventure of Bruce Willis, the basketball player Shaquille O'Neall rapping, the leading figures of wrestling in 1985 singing rock and roll ...

Tom Hamling has a self-imposed mission: to catalog disks shameful TV stars, sports heroes and other media personalities who tried to make a career in music.

The newly published book Celebrity Vinyl, published by Mark Batty Publisher, album covers with 120 expendable, but attractive in its absurdity and eccentricity. A witness to the dark side of pop culture that Hamling has over ten years collecting.

The covers album with more substance:

Hamling began spontaneously, when the advertising agency where she worked cleaning and decided to throw vinyl and cassettes.

He began to rummage in wonder from the unpopular titles that came their way and fell in love with the jewelry dandruff. It takes more than a decade touring markets and banks remains of used record stores to increase their already incalculable catalog.

David Hasselhoff in leather tiles and uploaded to a pseudo-Vinyls fantásticoCelebrity car is already the second edition after its success in 2008. The volume analyzes the author's sarcastic LP covers with more substance.

David Hasselhoff in leather suite, with a heavy guitar and uploaded to a vehicle inspired by Knight Rider, Burt Reynolds and plan romantic cowboy hat askew, John Travolta without hair gel to remedy its untamed hair ...

We all do the ridiculous, but few leave physical evidence as spectacular as these sound files.

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