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sábado, 30 de abril de 2011

First Details of The Farewell Episode for Nathan Misftis

After the fuss that has been mounted on the Internet withthe abandonment Misfits Robert Sheehan, producers have been quick in letting go of how will this tragic farewell and plans to replace the character.

Howard Overman, creator of the series, referred to as a special "film" that will pass in Las Vegas, we assume that in a wild party given the key players have recovered parole.


Nathan suffer an accident involving their beloved pick'n'mix, while we will know who will be his replacement, a role for which one has transcended its name: Rudy. "We are very excited about the third season. Overman created brilliant stories surprised and fans can breathe easy as it begins in a way that no one can imagine, "added a network executive E4, Robert Wulff-Cochran.

Despite the enthusiasm of those involved, the fact is that lies ahead for the troubled mission to keep the series alive after the departure of its star, something that usually takes years to happen when seated on the grill (CSI, Stargate, Dr. Who , The Office) and in this case can be a fatal blow because Misfits is a newcomer out of his native England (in Spain opens Friday on MTV).

The special can be viewed on the website of the E4 channel before the series returns later this year (November-December) and is not in the counting of episodes of the new release, 8, one more than the second season. We do not know is what he had meant to refer to the special Overman as a film.

I do not think talk of a TV-movie and in that case it would issue on television. I guess something like Lost epilogue, yes, having something really interesting as the progress of one of the most subversive and hilarious characters on television today that the saying "live fast, die young and leave a beautiful corpse "comes in handy.

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