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Mostrando entradas con la etiqueta 3d. Mostrar todas las entradas

viernes, 22 de julio de 2011

The 3D effect


In recent times it is not surprising to find in forums and blogs opposing views on the 3D and really brings added value to the gaming experience.

He has been following the arrival 3D TV market with the first titles to take advantage and Nintendo 3DS, when these discussions have begun to boil. I take the occasion to give my opinion.

A few months ago was not exactly convinced that 3D was an advance representative for the video game scene. Thought it would be a fad, which I after trying a while, deactivate forever.

Today, after having tried sporadically Playstation 3 games with 3D effect and conscientiously the new Nintendo handheld, I'm a convert. The 3D will be a standard in the future of the game, I think. I dwell a little, just a little more.

For me the 3D effect comes to be in just as good graphics. I mean, get a good graphic section greater immersion of the player and this justifies increasing the games look better and better and all (or almost) so we are happy as long as that section is accompanied by good gameplay, basically.

For the 3D effect brings out the feeling of immersion significantly. I will not go to fight me in these lines with the almost impossible mission of trying to describe the three-dimensional effect who has not tasted ever, but mostly manages to create an effect of depth on the screen making it almost a window into the world playable in some cases also achieved an effect that might otherwise be defined as elements which seem to 'get out' of the screen.

We could say that either game screen of TV or laptop is no longer a 'separating medium' to some extent become a means integrating the player. You feel less separated from the world of play when it is displayed in 3D.

Pilotwings playing can come to feel a sense of vertigo when flying over a cliff in a hang-gliding or risk and speed their way through a forest of firs. One feels in the game, there is' increased immersion. "

Virtual Boy in the optical apparatus is similar

But the three-dimensional effect has other benefits. A few minutes playing Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D or Pilotwings cited to calculate distances to check on jumps and attacks much more intuitive and simple, an important advantage for the player.

There is another issue that may be curious (or not) related to the controversy but said depth effect say that the player feels the game screen is amplified, which is larger than it really is not logically leaves to be a sensation but to me it is a small value of this type of technology.

Not everything is good. Against this added sense of immersion factors are inherent to the technology used could be defined as 'disrupting' the experience.

In the case of home consoles have the fact of using polarized glasses similar to those used in cinemas. To me a nuisance and that I do not wear corrective lenses, do not even want to think about the people who have to use both at once.

In the case of stereoscopic 3D using 3DS the problem is not minor, and is the only three-dimensional sensation is perceived in a small angle of incidence perpendicular to the screen.

At the time we take another angle to look no further use gyroscopic functions of the notebook, the effect is lost and the vision is perceived annoying. Finally, the 3D technology which is basically give a slightly different game for each eye (no longer the same as our eyes do at each moment, to capture two images of the brain together so that we can perceive the depth of field) logically from a need extra power on the machines that reproduce it.

The first example of the above we have in the DS has been given for the game Dead or Alive: Dimensions, on which he made clear that Tecmo 3D viewing result in a significant drop (up to 50%) rate frame so it recommended that at least in the online game where the slightest delay is paid with the life bar will turn off the effect. The same techniques with other beasts desktop and unaccountable Killzone 3 graphically as in 'two dimensions'.

This question has not done more than pay the user reviews that they would prefer that resources be devoted exclusively platforms to the improvement graph. If the question is 3D graphics power and I say ... both, but if there is a choice I prefer a small decline in performance after an improvement in the dive.

The DOA girls, better than real life ... in 3D?

The aforementioned problems, as I own the technologies and the power of the machines that run them, I have no doubt will be solved in the near future. TV manufacturers (Toshiba, Samsung) are already marketed 3D TV without glasses but apparently not yet offer the quality of viewing monitors with glasses and share certain problems with the screen 3DS about viewing angles seem to improve the naturalness of the experience considerably.

These incremental improvements in my opinion can lead to a future in which a monitor display in three dimensions to play or watch television or movie will be as natural as seeing them in color now.

The added value especially in a world like the game where we consider the immersion of the player as crucial, is too important to leave this technology behind.

The 3D seems present and future of electronic entertainment around until it's Technology How RV? at least.

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