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jueves, 26 de julio de 2012

YouTube fights online anonymity?

While Congress cracks down on cyber freedoms, lawmakers aren't the only ones changing their ways. The video-sharing site YouTube is asking its billions of users to reveal their real identities when posting online comments.

miércoles, 18 de julio de 2012

Scientists Use Sound To Project Images on Screens Made of Soap Bubbles

You might soon be able to just fire up your incredible transparent soap-bubble screen, available in 2-D, 3-D, and holographic formats.

An international team of researchers at the University of Tokyo has created a display that projects images onto screen made out of sturdy soap film. Using ultrasonic sound waves played through speakers at different frequencies, the scientists were able to create what's called a bidirectional reflectance distribution function—a way to control the level of transparency of the micro membrane.

The result is a screen that lead researcher Dr. Yoichi Ochiai says opens up a new frontier the projection of flexible, sharp images. Several screens put together can create 3-D and holographic projections.

You can't buy it at the store anytime soon; this bubbly screen mixture is made up of mostly dish soap, but it features special colloids, allowing items to pass through the screen without it popping. Mike Teavee would be so jealous.

Explorers' heritage of Antarctica on Street View

martes, 10 de julio de 2012

Carlos Goes On A Date in "Big Time Double Date" Big Time Rush Clip

Jennette McCurdy Teams Up with Birds Eye For Veggie Campaign


2012 Big Brother Press Day #4 - Season 14

Logan & Camille Make "Big Time Double Date" Plans in Big Time Rush Clip

Bella Thorne Says Raise Your Hand for Staples for Students

"Bunheads" Cast Talks Upcoming Episodes & Characters

Philip Seymour Hoffman Officially Cast in Catching Fire

Demi Lovato's Crazy X Factor Hairstyle

Things Get "Crazy" On "Pretty Little Liars" 3x07

Lily Collins Dating Another Twilight Star!

Jelena's Public Love In Japan - Justin Bieber Selena Gomez

Miley Cyrus Judge on American Idol?

domingo, 8 de julio de 2012

Allison (feat. Marin Ireland)

Allison Trailer (feat. Marin Ireland)

Allison BTS: Ninety Percent -- (feat. Marin Ireland)

Dakota Trailer (feat. Jena Malone)

Wireless Festival: Labrinth and Calvin Harris talk music, Cheryl Cole and Great Britain dream teams

The Dark Knight Rises Extensive Behind the Scenes Featurette (2012) Batman Movie

2012 Big Brother Press Day #2 - Season 14

2012 Big Brother Press Day #3 - Season 14

Mysteries of Russia: Children of the schism (Documentary)

They lead a quiet life out of public view and keep distant from worldly matters. Religious books written in the Old Slavonic language are studied and food is all homemade. Married women are obliged to cover their head, while men have beards. The length of their dresses, trousers and shirt sleeves is strictly regimented -- most of the body is covered. Living, eating or praying together with lay people is out of the question. They are the Old Believers.

viernes, 6 de julio de 2012

Leonardo DiCaprio with Yet ANOTHER Supermodel

Seinfeld "Comedians In Cars": New Comedy Series, Famous Comedians & Classic Cars

Hot Celebrities Hitting The Beach: Heidi Klum, Britney Spears, Nicole Sherzinger & More

Summer is here and all the hottest celebrities are hitting the beach. We take a look at some of the best looking starlets having fun in the sun like Heidi Klum, Britney Spears and Nicole Sherzinger.

SYTYCD - Signature Move: Will

SYTYCD - Signature Move: Witney

SYTYCD - Signature Move: Tiffany

SYTYCD - Signature Move: Eliana

SYTYCD - Signature Move: George

SYTYCD - Signature Move: Daniel

SYTYCD - Signature Move: Dareian

SYTYCD - Signature Move: Chehon

SYTYCD - Signature Move: Cole

SYTYCD - Signature Move: Brandon

SYTYCD - Signature Move: Amelia

SYTYCD - Signature Move: Audrey

SYTYCD - Signature Move: Alexa

SYTYCD - Signature Move: Amber

SYTYCD - Mary Murphy's Top Moments

FRINGE - Fans Ask: Any Country

MASTERCHEF - Preview from "Top 10 Compete" airing MON 7/9

IM5 "Everything About You" Official Music Video

Demi Lovato's GMA Performances

Selena and Justin Talk Breakup Rumors

Demi Lovato's 20th Birthday Plans

2012 Big Brother Press Day #1 - Season 14

Carly Rae Jepsen's NYC Music Video Shoot for "Good Time"

10 Curious Facts About London

With the Olympics fast approaching, here are 10 curious facts about this year's host city.

miércoles, 4 de julio de 2012

The World Tomorrow : Julian Assange and Anwar Ibrahim discuss surviving prison

Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has twice been imprisoned after what he calls politically-motivated cases. But he keeps fighting for democracy in a country he brands less democratic than even Burma.

Ibrahim's opposition party is gaining more and more support from the Malaysian people. They're fighting for democracy, something the former deputy prime minister describes as "an independent judiciary, free media and an economic policy that can promote growth and the market economy." He now faces fresh charges over his part in a mass rally for electoral reforms.

If found guilty he may be sentenced for up to two years in prison and a fine, which could mean he was disqualified from standing in elections. But he remains optimistic on the future of Malaysia, describing his 2008 campaign to get elected to parliament. "We won 10 out of 11 parliamentary seats, and so I believe we are ripe for some sort of Malaysian Spring through the electoral process."

The World Tomorrow: Anwar Ibrahim

Emotional Assange discusses extradition and house arrest

It has been two weeks since Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been trapped in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Last week British authorities demanded he turn himself in to be extradited to Sweden to faces charges of sexual assault, but Assange says he's not going anywhere. The whistleblower gives us some insight of his struggles on his last episode of The Julian Assange Show RT.

Justin Bieber's blow up

martes, 3 de julio de 2012

Web Therapy - Two Prongs

Dexter Season 7 Sneak Peek

Web Therapy - Love Birds

Fiona and Maxine talk about the surprising book contributions.

Bristol Palin Gets Sued: Show & Lifetime Network Sued For Calling Man Homosexual On Camera

Bachelorette Recap: A Love Letter From Jef "With One F" & Arie's Awkward Hometown Date

Andy Griffith RIP: Remembered By Ron Howard, Legendary Actor Passes Away At 86

MASTERCHEF - Preview from "Top 11 Compete" airing TUE 7/3

NEW GIRL - Outtakes: Hot Cheese

HELL'S KITCHEN - Preview from "11 Chefs Compete (Pt. 2)" airing TUE 7/3

HELL'S KITCHEN - Next On: Top 11 (Part 2)

Andrew Lloyd Webber blasts The Voice

Little Mix talk Wings at T4 on the Beach

Olga Kay Interview - VidCon 2012

Brittani Louise Taylor Interview - VidCon 2012

Christina Grimmie Interview - VidCon 2012

Justin Bieber - 2012 Teen Choice Awards Performer

Megan and Liz - "Princess Charming" at VidCon 2012

Megan and Liz - "Are You Happy Now" at VidCon 2012

Ashley Tisdale's Birthday Party - Selena Gomez, Francia Raisa Insider Details

Selena Gomez New OPI Nail Polish

ShayCarl at VidCon 2012

lunes, 2 de julio de 2012

Could X Factor be facing the chop?

The Watcher 2012 Episode 12

Justin Bieber Beats Madonna on Billboard!

Mindless Behavior Wins Big at 2012 BET Awards

Taylor Swift vs Kristen Stewart - Fragrance Battle

Go on a Date with One Direction in an Airplane

Demi Lovato Hosting 2012 Teen Choice Awards?

10 Bizarre Music Star Requests

domingo, 1 de julio de 2012

SYTYCD - Dancer Profile: Will

SYTYCD - Dancer Profile: Witney

SYTYCD - Dancer Profile: Tiffany

SYTYCD - Dancer Profile: Nick

SYTYCD - Dancer Profile: Lindsay

SYTYCD - Dancer Profile: Matthew

SYTYCD - Dancer Profile: Janaya

SYTYCD - Dancer Profile: Janelle

SYTYCD - Dancer Profile: Cyrus (Glitch)

SYTYCD - Dancer Profile: Dareian

SYTYCD - Dancer Profile: Eliana

SYTYCD - Dancer Profile: George

SYTYCD - Dancer Profile: Cole

SYTYCD - Dancer Profile: Daniel

SYTYCD - Dancer Profile: Chehon

SYTYCD - Dancer Profile: Brandon

SYTYCD - Dancer Profile: Audrey

SYTYCD - Dancer Profile: Amber

SYTYCD - Dancer Profile: Amelia

SYTYCD - Dancer Profile: Alexa

The X Factor Season Two Auditions - Providence

The X Factor Season Two Auditions - San Francisco

Fun Size Official Trailer 2012 - Victoria Justice Chelsea Handler

Jackson Rathbone & Aimee Teegarden on Set of "Aim High" Season 2

Victoria Justice Fashion Flashback

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