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martes, 21 de febrero de 2012

Bram Cohen wants to end the television


Bram Cohen said  in a relaxed conference could easily use the P2P for streaming content to millions of users without requiring centralized infrastructure.

As stated they are working to adapt the protocol to support this option by changing the paradigm underlying the consumption of information.

Cohen is the inventor of the BitTorrent protocol and program with the same name, by what we see is far from depressed by the hard times faced by file sharing systems, in fact ups the ante with their statements.

Does not seem overly concerned about the recent closure of Megaupload or disappearance of other companies offering similar services.

Neither seems to care too much about the case related to its platform, the closure of the famous site to find torrent files BTJunkie and closing with the aggravation of the criminal conviction of The Pirate Bay.

The new P2P protocol developed by the developer and his team are looking for just eliminate the need for architecture to supply the heavy consumption that generates streaming video content for high-volume users. The scheme behind the proposal follows the same logic used for files.

Instead of consumers who download content from the same site that users spent participating in a stream watch and share at the same time minimizing the required resources.

As opposed to traditional streaming, the more people are viewing the content the better the connection and playback quality. Later in the conference elaborated clear that this system will mainly benefit consumers by multiplying the options available thanks to the low cost of publication will represent for the generators of the material.

The speaker said that the greatest amount of content that is consumed on television is live and not on the Internet at the time, explained that current protocols are bad to achieve the necessary transfer.

If we go by his enthusiasm and his address, the code change would represent a radical change in how media are consumed and will surely be the subject of further persecution.

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