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lunes, 30 de enero de 2012

Viggle App Makes It Pay To Watch TV


It is the dream of every couch potato in the world, to get paid for watching the TV. Well now, thanks to the new Viggle app for iPad and iPhone, you can, kind of.

The app which runs on iPad nd iPhone works as a loyalty program, and rewards viewers for vegetating in front of the goggle box with gift cards, music downloads and movie tickets.

The way the app works is by recognising the show that the viewer is watching and credits a certain number of reward points for every minute watched.

The credits earned equate to two points per minute, and will work for live and recorded shows.

Viggle have partnered with a number of companies to offer rewards such as Burger King, Starbucks, iTunes, CVS, Best Buy, Sephora, and Fandango.

Speaking about the app, Chris Stephenson, president of Function (X) Inc.who make Viggle said, “Viggle is the first loyalty program for TV. We’re basically allowing people to get rewards for doing something they’re doing already and that they love to do.”

So how does giggle make money you ask? Well if your racking up points, it stands to reason you will watch even more TV, right? So audience numbers rise and will make more money from advertising for the TV companies, and the app will show advertising of is own.

So as Viggle makes money, it can give a percentage away to the viewer. But before you get too excited, it seems you will need to rack up a lot of points for even a small reward.

For example, you will need a mammoth 7,500 points just to get a $5 gift card to use with a participating retailer. In other words, several weeks of TV watching!

To help encourage the zombiefied viewers who wish to participate, Viggle give you 1,500 bonus points when you sign up. They also plan on offering bonus points for watching ads on the app and checking into shows like “American Idol”.

Not sure about the rights and wrongs of encouraging viewers to slob in front of the TV even more, then reward them with a burger, but the app is now available from the app store and an Android version will follow.

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