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lunes, 30 de enero de 2012

New Remote App Makes Controlling Hotel TV A Breeze


Apple And Android travellers can now make use of a new TV remote app to control the TV set in over 500,000 hotel rooms in the US. LodgeNet who provide interactive media services to hotels, have released an app called the LodgeNet Mobile App.

The app runs on the iPad, iPhone and android devices. Besides turning into a TV remote, the app also controls on-demand content and pay-per-view movies (which can be paid direct from the phone). The app will also give hotel and local information, directions and other useful information.

You may ask, why would anyone want an app when the hotel has a perfectly good TV remote? Well apart from hygene purposes and dead batteries, the app does extra stuff and even lets you turn off the TV whilst out of the room.

Speaking about the app in a press release, Derek S. White, President of Interactive & Media Networks for LodgeNet said, “With 75% of travelers carrying smartphones today, mobile devices have significantly changed how travelers behave and what they expect from hotels, airlines and every supplier within the travel eco-system.”

He continued, “The LodgeNet Mobile App was developed to be fun, fast and very easy to use so that travelers can customize their hotel and travel experience in everything from the movies they watch, to the restaurants they dine in, to the hotel services and local entertainment options they choose – all managed and controlled through their own mobile device.”

Currently around 2,000 hotels around the US can make use of the app, and to keep it family friendly, it will not carry any adult content. So users will still have a need for the hotel remote then.

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