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lunes, 30 de enero de 2012

Kinect could join a new generation of laptops with Windows 8.


Microsoft could have authorized the use of motion recognition technology to suit Kinect a new generation of laptops with Windows 8.

Specifically, two prototypes of Asus Kinect would have already integrated webcam instead of traditional.

The success of Kinect Microsoft has made big players in this technology. Private developments encouraged the company to develop the system to open their computers and development worldwide.

The result of this openness and Microsoft's work in the past CES already announced the launch of Kinect for PC.

Knowing the system's potential, the question is what the next step of the company in the development of Kinect. In addition to refining some aspects such as the optimum distance for recognition, it seems that Microsoft's intention is to continue increasing Kinect compatible devices.

According to The Daily, the next step is to introduce Kinect on laptops. Thus, "The Daily" has ensured that in the past CES had access to two prototypes of Asus laptop built Kinect count.
Part of the computer

Kinect would go from being a peripheral to be part of the laptop. Until now it was common for laptops integrate a webcam at the top of the screen.

The idea is to replace traditional Kinect camera, so that the laptop have the recognition of movements without any device more. Sources confirmed that Microsoft seem to have existed and that the prototypes were of the Asus brand.

These prototypes, which is not confirmed to be generated, you would have Windows 8, Microsoft's next operating system.

The truth is that the idea of ​​laptops with Windows 8 and Kinect fits Microsoft's strategy, which in the new operating system to facilitate opted for touch control. If the laptop does not have touch screens, they might fill the gap using Kinect as a system of controls

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