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viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2011

Trailers 2012: Safe House

The most dangerous rogue CIA (Denzel Washington) reappears after ten years. When mercenaries to attack the safe house that has been assigned, a rookie agent (Ryan Reynolds) escapes with him. These two unexpected allies must stay alive long enough to discover who wants him dead.

Matt Weston is a year in Cape Town and is frustrated at not being assigned to a post with more action. It is a "gatekeeper" who aspires to become a respected agent and waits for the opportunity to demonstrate their loyalty to the Agency. But when the first (and so far only) safe house guest turns out to be the most dangerous man he has known, Weston is preparing for the worst.

Tobin Frost has managed to escape from his pursuers for nearly a decade. Formerly one of the best undercover agents who had the CIA, is now dedicated to selling military secrets to the highest bidder. Pass information from North Korea to assist rebel groups, the damage it has caused to America can not be measured. But has returned with a secret.

As soon as Frost arrives for questioning, are mercenaries ravaging the safe house in Weston. The two agents are barely escape, and now have to find out if their attackers were sent by terrorists or by an insider willing to kill anyone who stands in their way. Weston must decide whom you trust before they removed them both.

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