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sábado, 18 de junio de 2011

The Sims Social by Electronic Arts

The Sims Social is an innovative game that brings the world's most popular franchise to Facebook, the world's largest social network.

Play the life of a whole new way with all the elements of play and creativity of The Sims with an intuitive entertainment experience with over 500 million people on Facebook.

Anytime, anywhere Create a Sim, build a bachelor apartment or house of your dreams, experience the spark of friendship and romance, live exciting adventures ... all with your friends on Facebook.

EA also announced the launch of a mobile app Social complementary Sims created for the current generation of smart phones, applying Social The Sims lets you connect with your Sims to take care of their needs and care while away from your computer .

In the words of Jeff Karp, executive vice president of EA Play Label, "As you and I, The Sims are also on Facebook." "EA invented simulation games The Sims, in the last decade have sold over 140 million units and have created an active fan community and has grown to millions.

The fans are enthusiastic, passionate about living dreams, adventures and fantasies and express their creativity. With the move of The Sims on Facebook, their personalities shine more than ever. The game is alive, full of humor, love, mischief and creativity as only The Sims are capable of. "

Social Sims is the culmination of a close collaboration of very talented people of The Sims and Playfish Studios, featuring more than ten years of success with The Sims to create the largest and most addictive experience with deep knowledge of the social games.

John Earner, CEO of Playfish London Studio has stated that "this is the first time that such a significant entertainment franchise comes to Facebook. We are proud to have combined the best design of social gaming with the best of the franchise Sims.

The Sims was born to be a social thing and we can make it happen. This game will set a new basis of quality and fun at the Facebook platform, and the mobile application as a companion, fans of The Sims will enjoy playing life anytime, anywhere. "

Meanwhile Katie Mitic, marketing director of mobile platforms and Facebook, said that "Social Sims is an excellent additive to Facebook, as it provides another fun way for people to stay connected with friends through an application social. "

The magic of The Sims Social unpredictability lies in the personalities of the Sims. The Sims are little virtual people with their own character and ambitions

. Now you can interact with all aspects of social life for their Sims from the intense emotion of a first kiss to the creation of the perfect joke. Playing the sweet side of life, Social Sims players have to help their neighbors, building friendships, falling in love, kissing or even doing woohoo.

Those who want to cause problems, can make jokes, to sabotage your friends or pee on the neighbor's garden, become a heartthrob or even a womanizer. Although the personalities of the players, the behavior of your Sims can be wildly different Social causing Sims is more alive than any other game.

Being on Facebook means that players will be connected with his real friends in the game to share their creations and their adventures in the Sims.

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