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sábado, 18 de junio de 2011

Impressions of Little Deviants to Psvita

When a few months ago was first PS Vita, known at that time as NGP, one of the titles that were used to demonstrate the capabilities of the console was an unabashed Little Deviants game that we could try at E3 this year bring our impressions.

Little Deviants consists of a series of minigames, each with a number of levels that offer enough depth, and not try to test only a few seconds, but depending on our skill levels can go past.

In the demo we tried was available four ways, each with its own gameplay and the common denominator that took advantage of the new possibilities of the console and are led by the deviants, some funny creatures that take different forms.

The first game we tried was using the camera to offer augmented reality. On the screen appeared a few enemies aboard a flying saucer who wanted to kidnap the deviants and our duty was to move the screen to locate and destroy them before they finished with our partners.

The second used the gyroscope and made us take a deviant over a raked stage with the console and avoiding obstacles that made him lose time, and if time reaches zero level, we lost.

The third test we played we were forced to use both the touch screen touch panel front and back, presenting a house with several windows that were opened and left to see enemies that touch. Grace is that it could appear in front (we played from the screen) or behind (we used the touch panel rear), and must use both panels in more than one occasion, all the while we avoided giving the innocent who also came from time to time .

Finally, a minigame that was taught with the presentation of the game for the first time, who, using the touch panel rear raised our ground and we were leading a deviant form of a sphere with the stage.

Say it and see it sounds simple, but the fact is that cost us more than we thought at first, but it only cost a couple of games begin to manage it well (not master).

The goal was to get in each phase, a portal that more was located in a different place, all while esquivábamos enemies who swarmed the stage.

Graphically color and offers a casual style and although we do not believe that is the best title to demonstrate the capabilities of the console in this sense (for that is already Uncharted) if we believe that their creators have gotten a very attractive visual style and full of life surely dazzle more than one.

Overall I liked Little Deviants. This is a collection of minigames, ideal for portable games, and is quite challenging and we should strive to go through the levels. Also, console applications like us really clever and fun and we look forward to seeing the rest of the mini-games to see what has happened to their creators.

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