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sábado, 18 de junio de 2011

Impressions of Final Fantasy Xiii-2 for Playstation 3

Final Fantasy XIII divided many players for their style of play and its linearity for much of the adventure, but that has not stopped Square-Enix has decided to launch a sequel to tell what happened after the end of that title.

 This time the stars are Serah (who must be saved in the first part) and Noel, a new girl who will join her, but we also have times when you will control Lighting, more powerful than ever. At this E3 we had the opportunity to see the game, which is fairly advanced.

The basis of the Final Fantasy XIII-2, as expected, is its predecessor, is that not only takes the world and characters from the previous game, but we have a system practically the same as we saw in his day , with some news.

These developments come as what has been called Cinematic Action, which are only specific times in combat (it may take several to a fight, although it was clear in terms of occurring) in which we see a scene which the character will do something cool while we have to do the actions on the screen. Come on, a Quick Time Event of a lifetime.

Thanks to this spectacular looking to win in battle by the character has to be aware of what happens, which a priori is not bad, but will have to see her often to see if it becomes tedious.

It has also slightly changed the way we find the characters, and that is if before we saw the map and we could avoid them, not now appear before us until we are fairly close, at which activates a clock with two areas, green and yellow.

 If we hit the enemy while the clock is green, start the battle ahead as if we do it when in yellow will be a normal battle. Finally there is the option of running out of time without a fight and we started without us escaped from the area of ​​enemies (and we will always have the option to flee), something not recommended, since the fighting began at a disadvantage .

Thus there is some strategy in tackling the fighting and rewards the fight, because if we face the enemies as they appear, we lead and the fight faster.

Another new face at the time of the fighting is that along with Serah and Noel can fight monsters that have captured and is very important to choose the right kind of monster in terms of the enemies we face.

Furthermore, among all the characters in our group so we can link attacks to be even more devastating.

Finally, another new aspect of the game is that now we can jump, something that will be used mainly to discover hidden areas and secrets, something that will help the new maps that will be far less linear.

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