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sábado, 18 de junio de 2011

Impressions The Darkness Ii for Xbox 360


The first The Darkness was a game that was quite striking and unusual mechanics. Its protagonist, Jackie, had been possessed by the dark and could use his demonic powers to their advantage, something that came in handy to avenge the death of his girlfriend. Now even more powerful returns become one with the darkness in this second part we saw at E3 this year.

At the end of the first part, Jackie had just dominating the dark, but his relationship with her was still something ... complicated.

When the Brotherhood, a group that for centuries has struggled against the darkness begins to use to their advantage, decides to intervene and keep things out of hand

This will, in addition to their own human abilities that include the use of firearms, with the power of darkness, embodied in a kind of demonic snakes that will accompany you and will be of great help.

As we see, The Darkness II is not your typical shooter, and not limit ourselves to shoot (although it will be an important part of the game), but through the power of darkness we can do all sorts of things, like crossing the enemy, pick up objects and throw them at some distance on them, use a table and take it as a shield or run wildly enemies.

All this we do while we shoot, our weapons because we can simultaneously use the power of darkness. Unfortunately we can only do this when we are in the dark as if the light we have to lose their power and we settle for firearms and other weapons mundane.

In addition to helping in every way we said, the snakes will eat the hearts of slain enemies (very nutritious if you look forward to devour it with that), something that will give experience points that will win new skills.

But we also have the presence of an imp who will accompany us during the game and give you a humorous, kicking bodies, jumping on the heads of enemies or even literally pissing on the dead.

Unfortunately we will not be the only ones who can use the powers of darkness, because our rivals also have access to them, putting things very complicated, when used against us.

Graphically it looks very dramatic, slightly reminding its colors and shading to comics, is that according to its developers told us his idea was that looked like a graphic novel.

The creatures of darkness, both who have joined us as enemies, are very well, getting a slick viscous effect. As for the scenarios we found what looked like an abandoned fair full of details, but it felt to be fairly linear.

Discuss the violence of the game is pretty graphic and we find dismemberment and other scenes not suitable for everyone, but by not seeking realism is not unpleasant.

I thought that The Darkness II has a great personality and is that the concept of darkness as well as giving a good background gives playable certain charisma and makes it different from other titles in the genre. Another thing we liked is that it seems that the sense of humor (very black, it must be said) is very present, which is always appreciated. Definitely a game to consider, especially for fans of the genre.

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