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lunes, 20 de junio de 2011

Zombies surprise "unprepared" to British city


A week after authorities in Leicester, in eastern England, admitted they were unprepared for an invasion of zombies, a horde of "undead" shuffled through the streets

About 150 people make horror films took part in this "collective madness", according to the organizer James Dixon.

The participants "complained and squeezed his face against the glass" in the offices of the municipality.

The accident occurred after the news released last week from someone who identified himself as "concerned citizen" had taken the Law on Freedom of Information, to ask the authorities would react to an attack of zombies.

The request read: "Having seen several films, it is clear that preparation for such an event is rare and is something for which municipalities should be prepared"

The authorities of the municipality of the city of Leicester admitted that they had plans for this potential situation, but said that the request had made them laugh.

The story became a hit on social networking, and led Dixon to host the Saturday evening on Facebook.

What began as a "small group of friends" was transformed as interest grew, so that dozens of fans gathered around the clock tower of the city at noon.

"Quite a show," Dixon said: "We thought shuffling gait from the watch to the offices of the municipality, half a mile through the center of the city.

"The building had just a couple of security guards. Do not attempt to enter, but we squeezed against the glass, like the zombies in the movies.

"A few are in the bar now, has been a very good day."

Chris Porter, a bystander filmed the evening, said he had been "quite a spectacle."

"People were in their routine work when suddenly, a horde of zombies began to move heavily," he said.

"It was amazing to see how everyone stopped to watch. Of course, if it had been a real zombie attack, I think people would have run for his life."


Falling Skies Trailer (TV Series) 2011

sábado, 18 de junio de 2011

Impressions of Prototype 2 for Playstation 3

In recent years seems to have become fashionable with open-world games, now we're in a time where technology permits. After a flurry of new titles a few years we have seen even aftermath of several titles were born in this generation they belong to that genre, like Assassin's Creed (who have released two sequels, and we are headed in the third) or Infamous 2, which came recently.

Next on the list is Prototype 2, Activision's commitment to gender and we will in 2012 and we saw a preview in Los Angeles.

The game takes place 14 months after the events narrated in the first, but this time the protagonist is Alex Mercer, who control the first game, but a soldier who is infected, passing his powers.

The new player saw his wife and children die and find the culprits, having no objection to unleash its powers if that gets his revenge.

In this sense, according to its developers told us, the game will be more beast than before, since they believe that is what he liked people and what distinguished him from others, why they have chosen a character that is not afraid to use his powers.

Again takes place in New York, but this time will be delimited by three different zones. The first is the red zone, which would be Manhattan, which was ground zero for the explosion of the virus.

This territory is controlled by the virus and no humans, while known to have survived. The second area is the yellow quarantine zone, in which healthy people live with others who are carriers or have begun to mutate, without the military are able to curb the expansion, but take advantage of the situation experiments on the virus.

Finally there is the green area, a militarized area that is supposedly safe from viruses, but soon discover that this is not true.

As in the first part, between the skills of the protagonist is the ability to disguise from others, so that it can go undetected in hostile environments.

 Of course, you always have the option of using more direct techniques, such as throwing cars into the air, stealing a barrel of a tank and use it against the military or use a biological bomb that burst a person and create a ripple effect of a black material viscous finish the rest.

But if we are men of action, will also be the option of melee and the virus will allow us to modify our bodies to adapt to the combat, providing us with a giant blade that literally shatter the enemies.

In this sense the game is much more brutal beast than the last, which certainly appeals to more than one. When choosing our powers, we have a set of skills that we choose in each moment, because we have a series of slots that will lead us only a certain number of skills at all times, although any time we decide which activities and which we took off.

As above, being located in an open world makes the game based on missions, but how to develop the main plot is the same as the first part, this is absorbing some key people to take their memories and find the information that interests us and move us forward.

A new feature also allows us to win some prizes are the dungeons, hidden places around town where we end up with a horde of mutants, some with a really huge size, to clean them and conquer them. No doubt another reason to explore the city.

Visually much improved from the previous delivery, which is good news though, was to be expected, it was quite discretito. Yet despite its evident improvement, is far from other titles of the genre, so we expect its creators used the time they have left (not out until next year) to enhance this section to make it attractive.

What remains are fighting well, seeing how it moves the protagonist and being able to interact with a number of things in the city, something we hope to continue strengthening.

Prototype 2 I think this will improve its predecessor in all aspects of promoting that made him stand out from its competitors and the audience really liked. Surely being able to make the city the beast is really sexy, though we hope not to forget the rest of the sections and to balance the overall adventure. Fortunately there's still development time and hope that the game continues to improve.

Impressions of Little Deviants to Psvita

When a few months ago was first PS Vita, known at that time as NGP, one of the titles that were used to demonstrate the capabilities of the console was an unabashed Little Deviants game that we could try at E3 this year bring our impressions.

Little Deviants consists of a series of minigames, each with a number of levels that offer enough depth, and not try to test only a few seconds, but depending on our skill levels can go past.

In the demo we tried was available four ways, each with its own gameplay and the common denominator that took advantage of the new possibilities of the console and are led by the deviants, some funny creatures that take different forms.

The first game we tried was using the camera to offer augmented reality. On the screen appeared a few enemies aboard a flying saucer who wanted to kidnap the deviants and our duty was to move the screen to locate and destroy them before they finished with our partners.

The second used the gyroscope and made us take a deviant over a raked stage with the console and avoiding obstacles that made him lose time, and if time reaches zero level, we lost.

The third test we played we were forced to use both the touch screen touch panel front and back, presenting a house with several windows that were opened and left to see enemies that touch. Grace is that it could appear in front (we played from the screen) or behind (we used the touch panel rear), and must use both panels in more than one occasion, all the while we avoided giving the innocent who also came from time to time .

Finally, a minigame that was taught with the presentation of the game for the first time, who, using the touch panel rear raised our ground and we were leading a deviant form of a sphere with the stage.

Say it and see it sounds simple, but the fact is that cost us more than we thought at first, but it only cost a couple of games begin to manage it well (not master).

The goal was to get in each phase, a portal that more was located in a different place, all while esquivábamos enemies who swarmed the stage.

Graphically color and offers a casual style and although we do not believe that is the best title to demonstrate the capabilities of the console in this sense (for that is already Uncharted) if we believe that their creators have gotten a very attractive visual style and full of life surely dazzle more than one.

Overall I liked Little Deviants. This is a collection of minigames, ideal for portable games, and is quite challenging and we should strive to go through the levels. Also, console applications like us really clever and fun and we look forward to seeing the rest of the mini-games to see what has happened to their creators.

Impressions of Final Fantasy Xiii-2 for Playstation 3

Final Fantasy XIII divided many players for their style of play and its linearity for much of the adventure, but that has not stopped Square-Enix has decided to launch a sequel to tell what happened after the end of that title.

 This time the stars are Serah (who must be saved in the first part) and Noel, a new girl who will join her, but we also have times when you will control Lighting, more powerful than ever. At this E3 we had the opportunity to see the game, which is fairly advanced.

The basis of the Final Fantasy XIII-2, as expected, is its predecessor, is that not only takes the world and characters from the previous game, but we have a system practically the same as we saw in his day , with some news.

These developments come as what has been called Cinematic Action, which are only specific times in combat (it may take several to a fight, although it was clear in terms of occurring) in which we see a scene which the character will do something cool while we have to do the actions on the screen. Come on, a Quick Time Event of a lifetime.

Thanks to this spectacular looking to win in battle by the character has to be aware of what happens, which a priori is not bad, but will have to see her often to see if it becomes tedious.

It has also slightly changed the way we find the characters, and that is if before we saw the map and we could avoid them, not now appear before us until we are fairly close, at which activates a clock with two areas, green and yellow.

 If we hit the enemy while the clock is green, start the battle ahead as if we do it when in yellow will be a normal battle. Finally there is the option of running out of time without a fight and we started without us escaped from the area of ​​enemies (and we will always have the option to flee), something not recommended, since the fighting began at a disadvantage .

Thus there is some strategy in tackling the fighting and rewards the fight, because if we face the enemies as they appear, we lead and the fight faster.

Another new face at the time of the fighting is that along with Serah and Noel can fight monsters that have captured and is very important to choose the right kind of monster in terms of the enemies we face.

Furthermore, among all the characters in our group so we can link attacks to be even more devastating.

Finally, another new aspect of the game is that now we can jump, something that will be used mainly to discover hidden areas and secrets, something that will help the new maps that will be far less linear.

Impressions The Darkness Ii for Xbox 360


The first The Darkness was a game that was quite striking and unusual mechanics. Its protagonist, Jackie, had been possessed by the dark and could use his demonic powers to their advantage, something that came in handy to avenge the death of his girlfriend. Now even more powerful returns become one with the darkness in this second part we saw at E3 this year.

At the end of the first part, Jackie had just dominating the dark, but his relationship with her was still something ... complicated.

When the Brotherhood, a group that for centuries has struggled against the darkness begins to use to their advantage, decides to intervene and keep things out of hand

This will, in addition to their own human abilities that include the use of firearms, with the power of darkness, embodied in a kind of demonic snakes that will accompany you and will be of great help.

As we see, The Darkness II is not your typical shooter, and not limit ourselves to shoot (although it will be an important part of the game), but through the power of darkness we can do all sorts of things, like crossing the enemy, pick up objects and throw them at some distance on them, use a table and take it as a shield or run wildly enemies.

All this we do while we shoot, our weapons because we can simultaneously use the power of darkness. Unfortunately we can only do this when we are in the dark as if the light we have to lose their power and we settle for firearms and other weapons mundane.

In addition to helping in every way we said, the snakes will eat the hearts of slain enemies (very nutritious if you look forward to devour it with that), something that will give experience points that will win new skills.

But we also have the presence of an imp who will accompany us during the game and give you a humorous, kicking bodies, jumping on the heads of enemies or even literally pissing on the dead.

Unfortunately we will not be the only ones who can use the powers of darkness, because our rivals also have access to them, putting things very complicated, when used against us.

Graphically it looks very dramatic, slightly reminding its colors and shading to comics, is that according to its developers told us his idea was that looked like a graphic novel.

The creatures of darkness, both who have joined us as enemies, are very well, getting a slick viscous effect. As for the scenarios we found what looked like an abandoned fair full of details, but it felt to be fairly linear.

Discuss the violence of the game is pretty graphic and we find dismemberment and other scenes not suitable for everyone, but by not seeking realism is not unpleasant.

I thought that The Darkness II has a great personality and is that the concept of darkness as well as giving a good background gives playable certain charisma and makes it different from other titles in the genre. Another thing we liked is that it seems that the sense of humor (very black, it must be said) is very present, which is always appreciated. Definitely a game to consider, especially for fans of the genre.

Microsoft Releases Beta of Software Development of Kinect for Windows

Microsoft today the immediate availability of Software Development for Windows Kinect (SDK), a beta released by Microsoft Research and intended for non-commercial applications.

The SDK is designed to provide a tool for a growing community of developers, academic researchers and techies, enabling them to create new experiences with detection depth, human motion capture and voice recognition and objects, using Kinect technology in Windows 7. The Kinect Software Development for Windows can download and use for free for noncommercial from http://research.microsoft.com/kinectsdk.

To celebrate the launch, Microsoft invited a select group of developers at Microsoft Redmond campus, and challenged them to explore the limits of their imagination using the SDK in a marathon 24-hour programming. Using new tools and a vast array of hardware, the developers were concepts of applications for different research fields such as health, science or education. You can see some of these concepts and tutorials on using the SDK from the Microsoft News Center, http://channel9.msdn.com/.

"The Kinect Software Development (SDK) for Windows opens a universe of possibilities for developers who want to unleash the potential of technology in Windows Kinect," said Anoop Gupta, a renowned scientist at Microsoft Research. "We look forward projects that create community and work together with them to create more natural and intuitive experience."

The Kinect Software Development for Windows that works with Windows 7, includes drivers, application programming interfaces (APIs) for raw data flow sensor, natural user interfaces (NUI), installation files and reference materials. The SDK gives developers the ability to design applications Kinect C + +, C # or Visual Basic using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

SDK features include:

· Flux raw data from the sensor. Developers have access to raw data streams from the depth sensor, sensor color camera and four microphones.

· Detection of the skeleton. The SDK has the ability to detect the skeleton of one or two people moving within the field of view Kinect, making it possible to create applications based on gesturing.

· Capacities advanced audio. The audio processing capabilities include sophisticated noise suppression and echo cancellation, beamforming to identify the actual source of sound and API integration with Windows Speech Recognition.

· Easy installation. The SDK installs quickly on Windows 7, does not require a complex configuration and the total size of installation is less than 100 MB. Developers can install and deploy it in just a few minutes with an independent Kinect sensor unit is available in a number of establishments.

• Documentation extensive. The SDK includes over 100 pages of high quality technical documentation. In addition to the integrated help files, documentation includes step by step explanations for most of the samples included in the SDK.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation From June 28 2011


Yesterday we did an echo of a rumor on our Facebook wall has been confirmed today with the announcement from Activision DLC of a new downloadable Call of Duty: Black Ops, the best selling video game for Xbox360. The download will include new downloadable content as of June 28 under the name Call of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation.

Black Ops continues to attract millions of online players worldwide, logging billions of hours of play since its launch last November.

With additional content and Escalation Previous First Strike, this successful title has also become the game with the highest record of downloads in the history of Xbox LIVE, Microsoft said.

 In fact, there are more players who enjoy Call of Duty on Xbox LIVE, than any other platform. Annihilation Map Pack will be available for Xbox LIVE preview and will include four new scenarios and a new zombie experience.

"With Annihilation, fans of Black Ops will feature four new multiplayer maps Hangar 18 Drive-In, Shiloh, and Hazard," said Mark Lamia, head of Treyarch.

"Players will also enjoy an all-new zombie experience, Shangri-La, an exotic and mysterious map filled with deadly traps, dark secrets and a completely innovative gameplay that will test even the zombie hunters alike."

Finally, to celebrate the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation, Treyarch will offer a weekend of double points, from Friday July 1st 2011

Good News for Fans of The Old Republic

After Electronic Arts launched its campaign in the past E3, announcing his discharge system called Origin games and content, has announced that its new MMORPG based on the Star Wars universe can be purchased without using this virtual platform.

'That Origin is the only place that sells digital does not mean that it is obligatory to have to play The Old Republic.

Origin launch will not need to play the game and not get patches from the program. "BioWare announced a spokesman, because users can purchase the game in stores and not be forced to install Origin.

All players have at their disposal Origin installed the service may obtain a copy of the downloadable games, without the need to buy a real way, and last but not least have access to exclusive content.

Still no release date, it is estimated that The Old Republic come to all consoles later this year or by early 2012.

The Sims Social by Electronic Arts

The Sims Social is an innovative game that brings the world's most popular franchise to Facebook, the world's largest social network.

Play the life of a whole new way with all the elements of play and creativity of The Sims with an intuitive entertainment experience with over 500 million people on Facebook.

Anytime, anywhere Create a Sim, build a bachelor apartment or house of your dreams, experience the spark of friendship and romance, live exciting adventures ... all with your friends on Facebook.

EA also announced the launch of a mobile app Social complementary Sims created for the current generation of smart phones, applying Social The Sims lets you connect with your Sims to take care of their needs and care while away from your computer .

In the words of Jeff Karp, executive vice president of EA Play Label, "As you and I, The Sims are also on Facebook." "EA invented simulation games The Sims, in the last decade have sold over 140 million units and have created an active fan community and has grown to millions.

The fans are enthusiastic, passionate about living dreams, adventures and fantasies and express their creativity. With the move of The Sims on Facebook, their personalities shine more than ever. The game is alive, full of humor, love, mischief and creativity as only The Sims are capable of. "

Social Sims is the culmination of a close collaboration of very talented people of The Sims and Playfish Studios, featuring more than ten years of success with The Sims to create the largest and most addictive experience with deep knowledge of the social games.

John Earner, CEO of Playfish London Studio has stated that "this is the first time that such a significant entertainment franchise comes to Facebook. We are proud to have combined the best design of social gaming with the best of the franchise Sims.

The Sims was born to be a social thing and we can make it happen. This game will set a new basis of quality and fun at the Facebook platform, and the mobile application as a companion, fans of The Sims will enjoy playing life anytime, anywhere. "

Meanwhile Katie Mitic, marketing director of mobile platforms and Facebook, said that "Social Sims is an excellent additive to Facebook, as it provides another fun way for people to stay connected with friends through an application social. "

The magic of The Sims Social unpredictability lies in the personalities of the Sims. The Sims are little virtual people with their own character and ambitions

. Now you can interact with all aspects of social life for their Sims from the intense emotion of a first kiss to the creation of the perfect joke. Playing the sweet side of life, Social Sims players have to help their neighbors, building friendships, falling in love, kissing or even doing woohoo.

Those who want to cause problems, can make jokes, to sabotage your friends or pee on the neighbor's garden, become a heartthrob or even a womanizer. Although the personalities of the players, the behavior of your Sims can be wildly different Social causing Sims is more alive than any other game.

Being on Facebook means that players will be connected with his real friends in the game to share their creations and their adventures in the Sims.

Return of The Hit Series''the Fresh Prince of Bel Air''

Again rumors about a possible return to the small screen of one of the most successful series of the nineties, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

This time is Tatyana Ali, the old girl who gave life to the premium Ashley, which has ensured that the original cast members are in talks to cast back together. A year ago, a false tweet said that this meeting was confirmed.

Tatyana Ali, that after the series tried his luck in the world of music and cinema with films like Hotel California Mothers & daughters or Brother, has returned to star in a sitcom this year.

"We still keep in touch with Will and would be a pleasure to work with him again. The entire cast, including Will, we talked of meeting again," said the actress told Hollywood Life. It would be timely, more oriented to a special chapter which would be the entire cast of the series. "I think everyone would be there, but everything depends on the agenda of the rest," said Tatyana M. Ali acknowledges that the tight schedule of the actors is a major impediment.

"I was in the program for six years from beginning to end, so hold a reunion would be fun," Ashley sentence.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air aired on NBC from 1990 to 1996 and catapulted the career of Will Smith. The series also participating along with Tatyana M. Ali, Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton Banks), James Avery (Uncle Phil), Karyn Parsons (Hilary Banks) and Joseph Marcell (Geoffrey), among others.

In The Next Generation Consoles Will be 10 Times More Potent

The next generation of home consoles (the upcoming PlayStation four and Xbox), will be 10 times more powerful than the current PlayStation three and Xbox 360, according to John Carmack, creator of games like Doom.

In an interview with the creator has said that the new consoles from Microsoft and Sony "will be here in a couple of years."

"They will be ten times more powerful than PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. I would be surprised if it does not last over a decade before the people finally saying, well, we really used all that could be done there," said Carmack.

He also felt that the next generation will be a challenge for developers to make games that stand out graphically, saying it will be much more difficult than the current one.

On this issue, throughout this week rumors have arisen about these new consoles, which suggests that the new Xbox will be presented at E3 next year.

For its part, Sony said that PlayStation 3 has estimated that 10 years of life and now are very comfortable with the status of the console on the market.

Lady Gaga and her new music video: 'The Edge of Glory'

Lady Gaga has new video, 'The Edge of Glory', the third single from their recent 'Born This Way'. In it, Lady Gaga is more demure and nostalgic than usual.

'The Edge of Glory' is a theme that Lady Gaga wrote a few months ago while visiting her dying grandfather in the hospital and talks about living the last moments of life.

In the video images, Lady Gaga moves in an atmosphere of smoke and neon.

'The Edge of Glory' is directed by Joseph Kahn, the same who handled the video for 'LoveGame', one of the items on the previous album Lady Gaga, 'The Fame'.

viernes, 17 de junio de 2011

Xbox 360 could be used as Telefónica TV Decoder


Telefonica and Microsoft have joined forces to use the Xbox as a TV decoder

Telefonica has signed an agreement with Microsoft to turn the Xbox into a decoder to offer television services.

The president of Microsoft Ibérica, Mary Garaña, unveiled yesterday at the Business Innovation Forum Innovation Network that his company has signed an agreement with "a Spanish operator" to turn your Xbox 360 into a decoder to a television platform.

Although the directive would not reveal who the telecommunications, industry sources to clarify that it is CincoDías Telefónica. The operator would not comment on the news.

Garaña, which first appeared on the scene through his avatar on a big screen through the motion sensor and voice of Microsoft Kinect, said this type of project that television will regain space in homes. "The television was left behind because he had separated from the rest of the digital ecosystem," said the directive, which stressed the need for television to communicate well with other equipment (computers, phones).

Xbox 360 and TV player could also have the potential for other set top boxes, like being able to stop playback, rewind, record, and so take the hard drive that usually comes standard with the console. This will undoubtedly new services.

Although neither Microsoft nor Telefonica declined to disclose details of the initiative, sources familiar with the deal say this will allow the operator to have a set top box with standard technology, allowing you to connect precisely those other devices. "In addition, Telefónica will save all the costs of maintaining your platform is proprietary, and having to develop its own technology, will now benefit from economies of scale that gives Microsoft".

Running a PC with gestures:

Garaña said that Microsoft had been selected by Telefónica in a contest and said details of the agreement will be announced "within months or even in weeks." The executive, who spoke on all business and innovation, "because both words can be put together," revealed also that Microsoft will release today the development kit (SDK) Kinect developers and downloading will be free.

This search there are many applications for Kinect, but not only for Xbox but for phones and computers. And is that the Redmond giant announced a few days at E3 in Los Angeles to adapt its technology to other devices Kinect, which will use the computer with the gestures and voice.

Thus, Garaña noted that the increased use of Kinect not come from the games but the retail and healthcare. It is being tested for example in treatment of Alzheimer's and childhood obesity.

Bherwani: "The media have time to reinvent"
One of the topics covered in Red Innova was the role of media in the digital age. Bherwani Kamal, general manager of PRISA Group Digital, acknowledged that the traditional media "have come late to the digital world, but have time to reinvent."

And this happens, "for attacking him to defend the traditional digital, creating new digital businesses (in mobility or electronic commerce), leveraging our assets, all on a single platform."

The manager admitted that the media did not anticipate the change and when they began to fragment heed all the innovation in business units and focusing on a local level, while the big players like Facebook or Google were to global content directly using others to become great.

Bherwani insisted that there is demand for quality content and "is something that must be paid," following the example of The New York Times.

Celebrities who wanted to be pop stars

Mr Spock Leonard Nimoy's recorded Music From Outer Space (The music from outer space of Mr. Spock) in 1967 to capitalize on the popularity of the series Star Trek. The album had everything: stories of science fiction, sounds claiming to be from another galaxy and space-themed songs.

The eighties musical adventure of Bruce Willis, the basketball player Shaquille O'Neall rapping, the leading figures of wrestling in 1985 singing rock and roll ...

Tom Hamling has a self-imposed mission: to catalog disks shameful TV stars, sports heroes and other media personalities who tried to make a career in music.

The newly published book Celebrity Vinyl, published by Mark Batty Publisher, album covers with 120 expendable, but attractive in its absurdity and eccentricity. A witness to the dark side of pop culture that Hamling has over ten years collecting.

The covers album with more substance:

Hamling began spontaneously, when the advertising agency where she worked cleaning and decided to throw vinyl and cassettes.

He began to rummage in wonder from the unpopular titles that came their way and fell in love with the jewelry dandruff. It takes more than a decade touring markets and banks remains of used record stores to increase their already incalculable catalog.

David Hasselhoff in leather tiles and uploaded to a pseudo-Vinyls fantásticoCelebrity car is already the second edition after its success in 2008. The volume analyzes the author's sarcastic LP covers with more substance.

David Hasselhoff in leather suite, with a heavy guitar and uploaded to a vehicle inspired by Knight Rider, Burt Reynolds and plan romantic cowboy hat askew, John Travolta without hair gel to remedy its untamed hair ...

We all do the ridiculous, but few leave physical evidence as spectacular as these sound files.

miércoles, 15 de junio de 2011

Sony provides a "boom" of 3D TVs


Sony plans an imminent leap to 3D television by the public thanks to the advent of ever more affordable monitors that support this technology on the market.

The head of PlayStation America, Jack Tretton, told the New York Times that he is "completely sold"to this technology.

"Steven Spielberg recently told me that the 3D will offer new types of opportunities to work at the time of making movies. The players are also spearheading the jump to play games that are compatible with the 3D. "

"We really are going to see how there is a boom 3D monitors are now becoming more affordable. Without going any further, we will launch a 3D TV later this year will cost $ 500. "

This monitor, announced last week at E3, will be of the PlayStation brand, will be 24 inches and is adapted specifically for play, incorporating a dual mode 3D ​​view allows players to use the TV without the split screen effect.

The monitor will come in pack with a pair of 3D glasses, a HDMI cable and a copy of Resistance 3 compatible with the 3D for PlayStation 3.

lunes, 13 de junio de 2011

Indiana Jones could have had a mustache

If I say mustaches and Hawaiian shirts, what actor are you coming to mind? Exactly, Tom Selleck, who many know from his legendary role in 'private investigator Magnum' and have done Richard, the boyfriend of Monica (Courteney Cox) in the series Friends.

Well, although you may seem incredible, Selleck could have gone down in film history as the real Indiana Jones, an adventurer hat and whip well have worn a mustache.

View photos that have been made public, there is no doubt that the actor was presented with evidence to interpret the archaeologist. However, even got the part, decided to reject the movie because I had just signed a contract with the producers of the aforementioned 'Magnum, private investigator' that would not allow him much freedom of movement in the industry and forced him to concentrate on Filming of the series.

To top it off, after refusing to do Indiana Jones, the shooting of the series was delayed several months by a writers strike. The stoppage lasted just weeks that had been shooting 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'.

Everyone who has seen pictures of him wearing the typical clothes of Indiana as he tests the same: The times that must have given his head against the wall for not accepting the character! And to think I could have taken the role that became world famous Harrison Ford and filled his account with a zero ...

Anyway, Tom has not done too badly. After all, we have seen in films like "Three Men and a Baby 'or' Runaway 'and series like' Boston Legal '. It has also made several plays on Broadway and numerous television commercials.

Would you have liked to see Tom Selleck as Indy 'or anyone like Harrison Ford for the role?

The Atlanta police closed streets in anticipation of the zombies from the series "The Walking Dead. "

Some streets will be closed next week on the outskirts of Atlanta in anticipation of the appearance of zombies involved in shooting television ..

The Cobb County Police warned motorists that are pending on the presence of zombies when you start filming the popular series "The Walking Dead. " Police placed two adverts with the message on a busy avenue.

The officer Mike Bowman said drivers should be alert for zombies and shooting drills, which could cause traffic delays.

The Marietta Daily Journal newspaper reported that the ads are placed in the Cobb Galleria Parkway Avenue.

The shooting is the second season of AMC, which is about the world's destruction at the hands of zombies.

viernes, 10 de junio de 2011

The mecca of video game

The gaming industry remains the most potent of all that make up the "business of leisure." Surpasses the cinema, music and of course to the literature, at least as far as sales are concerned.

The statistics make it about 50% of the revenues of the entertainment industry going into the coffers of powerful gaming industry. A business needs a party so powerful to match. And there's no better place than Los Angeles.
E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) has been held at the Convention Center in the city since 1995, but has been duped with other locations such as Atlanta or the hotel area of ​​Santa Monica in his way. This fair is first seen everything, sooner or later, was a cultural phenomenon in all our homes, from the first Playstation, the Nintendo DS, Wii or Kinect.

At this fair, annually, about 50,000 people. And there are some 200 companies that pay a fortune to be seen in the endless corridors of the two pavilions.

In this issue we have highlighted three main elements, one in each of the core legs on which the whole industry is built. Microsoft has demonstrated his invention, Kinect, not only serves to encourage parties with friends. Games like Ghost Recon: Future Soldier or Mass Effect 3 have decided to take advantage of their functions. This will get unique experiences and expertise that significantly differ between platforms.

Sony has decided to shelve his PSP and has shown us the possibilities of PS Vita, a console that brings the world of handheld video games the world of high definition and also capture some essence of smartphones, for 3G meter consoles. Finally, Nintendo is tired of being copied and prepares to return to the copy (if you can) inventing a new platform, U Wii, allowing us to play with an additional screen.

Out of the backbones of the platforms, we see an environment, as in all areas of entertainment, not very original. This year, the big games are not sequels: they are third parties. We found Mass Effect 3, Batlefield 3, Resistance 3, Uncharted 3, Deus Ex 3, Modern Warfare 3 (well, actually, Call of Duty 8) ...

But also include games franchises much longer, as The Elder Scrolls V, Final Fantasy XIII-2 or Super Mario Bros 3-D (which would be the part 11, regardless of the Yoshi's Island, Paper Mario, or sports games plumber) . Enhanced versions of formulas that worked and that this year, come with something more than spectacle.

Finally, a small point. Although a few years ago the organization of the show decided to "censor" the show slightly to lower the sexist tone with which some speakers used in the models, the E3 is still one with the babes in the stands. It is virtually impossible to find a single speaker without a model made in LA in the vicinity. And they say that the female audience of video games is one of the objectives of this industry!

Top 5 'freak'

Sesame 1.Barrio: Once Upon a Monster. Xbox 360 with Kinect. See the creator of Grim Fandango and Day of the Tentacle, the man who became the macabre heavy album covers in a story of love and nostalgia with Brutal Legend, presenting a set of Sesame Street hits. But the result is absolutely brilliant.

2. Catherine (Atlas). PS3 and Xbox 360. Love, Sex and sheep. Yes, you heard right ... Those are the three basic ingredients of this game that we have to control a man madly in love and lust and is thrust into a nightmare sheep. Of course, this is a Japanese game.

3. Smash Bros. and WiiU 3Ds. Nintendo. The fact that talk of a game too soon can be harmful. But Satoru Iwata, Nintendo's CEO, announced the simultaneous release of Smash Bros for Wii 3DS and U to end by saying that the creator of this game should end before Kid Icarus. Come on, who announced the development of a game months before it began.

4. Social sims. Some thought that EA was a conservative company. But we were wrong. They have released to demonstrate an application of The Sims for Facebook. "Objective? Sex.

5. Xcom (2K Games). PS3 and Xbox 360: Can a tactical action game lead us to face in the sixties of the American suburbs with housewives pandimensional mutated aliens? Well, hold on, coming Xcom will show you how to do it.

jueves, 9 de junio de 2011

Impressions of BioShock for Xbox 360 Infinite

Without doubt the first Bioshock called attention to many, first by its refined appearance that recreated the city of Rapture to detail and really made us feel as visitors forced the second game for their system full of possibilities and finally (mentioning only the most important) for its graphic section full of personality. After a second by another team and that did not quite jell, Irrational Games return ready to go even further with the next installment in the series.

The game's story is well known. We are entrusted with the mission to rescue a girl from the flying city of Columbia, something easy, the problem will escape it alive ... This city is like flying a science fair that travels from country to country to show their progress, but soon discover that not everything is as nice as it sounds, finding, for example, two rival factions fighting to clean shot by the control of the city .

But back to what we are concerned, our mission, which will be to escape with the young Elisabeth of Columbia, complicated, and that something or someone to pursue relentlessly. Fortunately it will not just be someone to protect, but more than once will save his skin and should not worry about it, because you know care for myself.

As in the previous games in the series we will combine the use of weapons more or less traditional with the use of powers that will allow things like telekinesis or freezing, but not be the only ones, as we soon discover that Elisabeth stored inside it a great power that even she knows her limits.

Thus, at certain times of the game we ask you to use their powers to open a dimensional space and "bring" our world an object, like a turret with which to mow down our enemies. His powers will be very interesting but will have a price and using them is that she is dead, so it will be a time during which we can not count on it.

This relates a bit with the idea of ​​having to make decisions that was already present in the two previous games.

In this case, we must decide whether to use the powers of the youth at the expense of leaving dead or prefer reservárnoslos for a moment of life or death. But this will not be the only one who can decide and that our actions even in the medium term will depend on characters or events that occur, although neither of us be aware that we have been the trigger.

In the demo we saw and we met two times to choose from but having seen only one of the roads do not really know how our actions affect.

Although the relationship between the character and Elisabeth is one of the great innovations, not only from a gameplay standpoint, but from the script is giving much importance to the couple, not the only. On the one hand we have the most evident change of environments, and we left the dark, narrow and wet Rapture and we have welcomed the open and colorful Columbia.

The feeling in the city offers a totally different feeling to that experienced in other games started by the color of all and ending because everything is bigger and open. In addition we find that it is much less linear (without being an open world, of course) and gives us the sensation of exploring a city really incredible.

This feeling is heightened by the presence of civilians will be as normal while we do not put ourselves with them and will surely help to make everything more believable.

But we can not talk about the city without talking about another new game that is completely linked to it: the rails. And in certain points we find rails by which we can go full speed, flying over the city in a way that leaves you speechless because of its magnificence.

Graphically the game is the most spectacular we've seen, not only for its graphic power but also by the incredible artistic section is worthy of taking off his hat.

Columbia City looks real and every corner is full of details that makes it credible. The characters also have a high level and we still like his style a lot, especially because they make the game even more unique if possible.

We do not want to leave this section without mentioning how incredible the game looks when flying at full speed down the tracks and background see the city go by at full speed.

Do not lie if we say that since the beginning of the demo until the end we have been with the mouth more open than closed. Infinite Bioshock the truly spectacular and, as we have seen so far, offers things that no other game can offer today. There is still enough to make out the title, so it is too early to tell, but the feeling has left us is that the guys at Irrational Games have done it again and that will set the bar very very high, the clouds specifically.

Actors who leave their television sets

Actor Patrick Dempsey has said in an interview with the Italian edition of Vanity Fair "that could leave the series that made ​​him famous around the world in its eighth season.

"It will be my last season (...) I do not know what will happen with the other characters, but for me it will end at that time, "he said Dempsey.

However, Patrick's representative has clarified that his departure might be only temporary. In fact, due to the completion of his contract. "We do not know what will happen in the future, "he asserted.

Apparently, Shonda Rhimes, the creator of "Grey's Anatomy", wants to renew the characters in the ninth season. Therefore it is willing to dispense with the whole team of actors. Another has shown that it has not renewed is Ellen Pompeo, the alter ego of Meredith Grey.

But "Grey's Anatomy"is not the only series that will be modified. Hugh Laurie, star of "House", confessed a few weeks ago the Radio Times: "It seems that the end of this season will be the end of the series. "

As if this were not enough, Jessica Szohr not be on the next season of "Gossip Girl. " "My character had reached a ceiling, what else could explain or show it? It would be almost ridiculous to continue, "he said. And another one leaves the same boat is Taylor Momsen, who wants to focus on his music career.

miércoles, 8 de junio de 2011

Competitions TV: between entertainment and abuse

To what extent should a program break down the barriers of good taste to increase your audience?
A television program in the Philippines goes through this path and faces charges of sexual abuse.

Willing Willie is the kind of program that is widely popular throughout the world. Members of the public act before the cameras, while the audience motivates them.

But the show was taken off the air in April, after showing a child of six years simulating a strip tease.

The show's host, Willie Revillame, pushed the child to undress the child even though the tears were streaming.

The audience seemed indifferent to what happened to the child and laughed and cheered at the same host.

It later emerged that the child's family, like most of the audience, are poor and came to the show for the money that was offered.

Human rights organizations condemned the act.

"It is a form of sexual abuse," said Magnolia Jacinto, Asia spokesman for the organization against child trafficking.

"The children's human rights were not respected. In fact they were violated," said Jacinto.

Its organization and several other government submitted together a lawsuit against Revillame and TV5, the channel that broadcasts the program.

Revillame issued a statement apologizing to those who rated the offensive program, but it has a similar program on the air: Will Time Bigtime (The big time Will).

And the fans are firmly on your side. Lines of people waiting for hours outside the headquarters of the channel with the hope of being part of the audience.

"I come here regularly since the program began 15 years ago. I try to come at all I can," says Lourdes Bartolome, who describes herself as a major supporter of Revillame.

"I felt remorseful when I saw what happened to the child, but it is Willy's fault. The people who criticize are jealous of his success. He helps many poor people."

The hallmark of the program is the money that is offered to participants and because of that people love it.

A quarter of the Philippine population live on less than a dollar a day and in this context, it is no wonder that people travel for hours in hopes of participating in the program.

In 2006, before the episode of an old Willie Revillane program, Wowowee, tens of thousands of people crowded outside the channel because it promised to provide even more money.

The crowd swirled and tried to enter the canal, the guards closed the doors and as a result 74 people died.

Since then, many have criticized the format of their programs, but that has not stopped they are becoming increasingly popular.

Already there are several areas in the Philippines that follow this model. But are they helping the poor or rather taking advantage of the desperation of the people?.

Film director Joey Reyes, one critic said that these programs exploit the fact that people look for some hope.

Reyes noted that often those who earn the most money are those who have the saddest stories, which he considered almost as "a celebration of poverty."

Despite critical reviews, the fact is that the Filipino audience loves this program. As happens in other parts of the world, have more fans than educational programs.

All countries face the dilemma of resolving the extent to which television should educate as well entertain.

When added to the mix extreme poverty and people are willing to do almost anything to appear on these programs, finding a balance between entertainment and exploitation of that reality becomes just as important.

The 3D comes to Wimbledon

The BBC broadcast the finals for the first time male and female Wimbledon tennis tournament in 3D.

The games, which will be held on 2 and 3 July, will be first broadcast in three dimensions by the British Broadcasting Corporation

The issue, which may be in the UK free of charge, will be available for those who have a TV with 3D technology and access to HD channels.

Danielle Nagler, director of BBC HD and 3D, said: "We are offering the public a new way of approaching the action. "

"I'm sure that 3D will serve to heighten the drama while the best players compete to win the world championship, " said Nagler.

The men's final of the tournament in 2010 between Rafael Nadal and Tomas Berdych attracted a UK audience of 5.6 million viewers, while the match between Serena Williams and Vera Zvonareva was seen by 2.3 million people.

According to executive producer for the BBC Sports Paul Davies, "is transmitted only in 3D is the latest innovation to enhance all the tension, drama and excitement of one of the most iconic sporting venues in the world. "

martes, 7 de junio de 2011

The scandals of Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis at the MTV Movie Awards

Teen Twilight saga has swept for the third time at the MTV Movie Awards, but unfortunately for him have their protagonists who have taken all the comments. That award, out of competition, I have brought the singer / actor Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, actress met the Spanish public have a role in the award-winning black swan.

Both have had the honor of starring in and bawdy little scene typical of all self-respecting American galas. That yes, promoting his new film, Friends with benefits. The actors took the stage to deliver the best actor award, which was the star of Twilight, Robert Pattinson. At that time, Justin said his relationship with his co-star was simply "platonic" and therefore could "do this." "This" was grab her breasts. Without losing his composure, Mila Kunis seized the moment to hand the package to Timberlake.
The scandals, if you can call them, Justin Timberlake with her breasts from afar. No one will forget the dramatic argument that co-starred with Janet Jackson in the final of the Super Bowl in 2004, when at the end of his show Timberlake tore off part of Jackson's costume that covered her breasts, leaving one to the discovered.

3D television with a picture for each player

Sony has announced a new range of televisions, the PlayStation 3D Monitor, which will be sold along with goggles, the game Resistance 3 and a HDMI cable for $ 499 U.S. no price set for Europe.

 This TV offers 3D image and the possibility that if you play two people each, with 3D glasses, you see a different image on the screen, eliminating the classic split-screen or split screen.

This is achieved by placing each one at different angles. The screen size is 24 inches.

lunes, 6 de junio de 2011

The movie 'Eclipse' sweeps MTV Movie Awards with five awards

The third installment of the Twilight series, entitled Eclipse, has swept across the twentieth edition of the MTV Movie Awards in califoniana City of Los Angeles by winning five of the eight awards to which he aspired.

The film, by David Slade, won statuettes for Best Picture, Best Actor (Robert Pattinson), Best Actress (Kristen Stewart), Best Kiss (the pair star, Pattinson and Stewart) and best fight (which Pattinson faces with Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel).

The remaining prizes went to Chloe Grace Moretz (best character actor and most provocative novel by Kick-Ass), Tom Felton (best villain, for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1) Emma Stone (best performance comedy, by rumors and lies) and Ellen Page (best performance by terror, by Source).

Also winners were Justin Bieber (amazing moment for Justin Bieber: Never Say Never) and Alexys Nycole Sanchez (better phrase, Big kids).

Reese Witherspoon The singer collected the award that distinguishes it as a symbol of a generation.

Origin, Christopher Nolan, among the favorites started with seven nominations, ahead of six of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1.

The gala, two hours, was presented by comedian Jason Sudeikis from the Gibson Amphitheatre, Los Angeles (California). Winners were chosen by MTV viewers themselves.

Trailerf of Kinect Star Wars

Microsoft and LucasArts have shown Kinect Star Wars, the game debuted at E3 and will be shown in great detail in this.

Its launch is expected later this year and will allow players to use their movements to mimic using the lightsaber, Force powers (such as lifting or throwing objects), and also to drive cars like the classic X-Wing .

A second player can join the game, and will also feature voice control for various functions not specified.

It is expected that within a few days show the Jedi Destiny, a game mode seems to be the main axis of the single-player story, focusing on the new trilogy, with some locations of the originals.

First trailer of UFC Undisputed 3

THQ has distributed the first trailer of UFC Undisputed 3, recently unveiled and already shown images.

A better visual representation and greater accessibility are the two major developments, you can choose from traditional or simplified control. Also include the Japanese Pride Fighting Championship.

UFC Undisputed 3 goes on sale in early 2012 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

domingo, 5 de junio de 2011

Controversy over a Rihanna video that was shot kills her abuser

Rihanna's new video (the theme Man Down) came wrapped in controversy. It is not the first time something similar happens to the young singer in recent times. Other video images, the S & M, were censored a month ago for his highly erotic. He was also accused of advocating violence to gender with the video of Love the Way You Lie (item who sang with rapper Eminem.)

Now is the Man Down harsh images that make the criticism raining down Rihanna. In the video the singer may be a victim of sexual abuse, a fact which decides to take revenge by shooting in the street the young man who abused him.

Have long called for the withdrawal of the video. The Parental Television Council (Parents Television Council) U.S. claims that "instead of telling the victims to seek help, the video of Rihanna offers in response premeditated murder." Industry Ears, an association against violent images in the media, explained that "if Chris Brown (Rihanna aggressor) shot a woman in a video and it will premiere, the world would stop, we should not admit it to Rihanna," they argue.

Rihanna has defended itself from criticism. First, it argued that it is a message to promote security and defense of women. On the other hand, from Twitter also wrote: "I am a rock star 23 years without children, what happens to people who want me to behave like a mother?" and "You can not separate your children from society, or never learn to adapt. This is the real world. The music industry is not an association of parents, we are free to make art, so let us."

viernes, 3 de junio de 2011

Amy Winehouse leaves rehab clinic to meet a musical tour

The singer Amy Winehouse has left the London clinic where he was admitted to comply with their musical tour in Eastern Europe later this month.

Winehouse, who has had past problems with alcohol and drugs, had been admitted last week at the famous Priory clinic in south London, reports the BBC.

"Amy Winehouse has completed its evaluation in the Priory clinic in London and continue (being treated) as an outpatient. She now wants to comply with the shows in Europe this summer, "said a spokesman for the singer.

"She would like to extend gratitude to all his fans for the messages of support he has received, "he added.

In October, Winehouse had said that was three years without drugs.

In 2015 there will be 15,000 million Internet TV

Hybrid or television, which is the same, with an Internet connection, is poised to become, after DTT equipment or High Definition, essential in a household appliance in the near future, to the extent that 2015 is expected to have between 12,000 and 15,000 million 'screens' connected to the Internet, more than double the world population predicted by the director of the 'Future Casting & Experience Research' on Intel, Brian Johnson.

For that year, there will be about 500,000 million hours of TV content available worldwide that can be seen in some of these 'screens' and therefore, most likely, "the television will remain an important part" of the routine people, but "is not going to be television lifetime," said the expert during the opening of the conference 'The New Television. The hybrid revolution ', organized by the Spanish Association of Interactive Television (AEDETI).

Data on the number of televisions connected to the Internet and available content are part of several studies conducted by research group led by Brian Johnson Intel face trying to find how what is consumed in a few years television worldwide.

In this sense, Johnson is scheduled to television in a few years, and audiovisual content, is "a mix of games, applications, social networking." Furthermore, "the TV will not be alone in the television", but can be consumed through various screens, such as mobile phones, tablets or laptops.

However, the main difference to the expert, including the current television and in 2015 will be that the latter "is primarily social." Thus, he was convinced that television will become a "platform" through which people may "socialize with friends" and even perform administrative procedures with the Government or study. "It will serve to connect the world as a whole," summed.

Also, with 500,000 million hours of TV content available, you will need to "use computer intelligence" installed or connected to the television to "help select" user "what you like among all these programs." The same logic may also apply to advertising on television is issued and to "apply directly to the consumer," taking into account the tastes that has informed the choice of the content you see.

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