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domingo, 29 de mayo de 2011

Player: Solway's Internet TV and Radio Player 1.54

No modern multimedia player is complete without television. And this is the case, radio and TV in one program.

You know that from the outset, television channels are there in spite of the updates that should happen, not going to satisfy entry. Few channels and no Spanish. I hope that the comment is outdated in a few weeks. Good sign, no doubt.

As for radio stations, it is another story. The ability to access musical sensibilities of other latitudes and have nothing to do with the radiofórmulas is itself a joy. But what makes the difference is the opportunity to record our own mixes from the same interface. Before, be sure to adjust the properties of the Recording Control. Enable "Stereo Mix" and delight your friends with subjects who had never heard.

While aesthetically the player is not a wonder and other problems, like if you use Winamp have to see how to start aside, unlike Windows Media Player or Real Player, compensates for the ability to edit channels and very funny hour DJ await you as improvised waves.

Download it free here: http://solway-s-internet-tv-and-radio-player.softonic.com/descargar

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