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domingo, 29 de mayo de 2011

Online TV Player: RO 1.1 VTV

VTV RO is a simplified version of VEO TV, not features or capabilities, but rather by the fact that only supports radio and television stations in the format of RealOne Player.

With RO VTV will show through the Internet a total of 52 television channels (from all over the world and languages​​) and 12 radio stations (all Spanish-speaking, though in different parts of the world). All connections are made ​​through the RealOne Player, which without going into comparisons with Windows Media Player, making connections at a higher speed, which makes a real RO VTV sample of stations and channels.

In addition to viewing TV channels and listen to the radio stations will also be informed of the latest news by teletype. The display is small, so that the texts are almost illegible, but the images are quite clear.

Requires RealOne Player and a minimally decent Internet connection (a better connection, less cutting)

Download it here: http://vtv-ro.softonic.com/descargar

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