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domingo, 29 de mayo de 2011

Online TV Player: Octoshape 1.0

Octoshape is not only an online customer can broadcast streaming audio and video channels to our favorite players (Winamp, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, VLC or Apple iTunes), is also a streaming technology of very high quality, no noise or cuts connection.

To make matters worse, the installation of Octoshape is very fast and almost zero configuration, almost because if you do not like Winamp, for example, and I prefer iTunes, you will have the option of using default system player. Once installed, Octoshape is only manifested through an icon from the system tray.

Double clicking on the icon to activate sufficient Octoshape and open the Octoshape website with audio and video channels available, among which you'll 24H TVE, FLAIX MAXXIMA FM or FM, to name a few. The quality is high, the only downside is the limited selection of channels.

Download it here: http://octoshape.softonic.com/descargar

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