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lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

The Amazing Origins of TV Hits

 Songs, dancing and trams are behind the great series of "tele" What they have in common and Frank Sinatra Scooby Doo? And the nineteenth century explorers of the future spacecraft? These and other mysteries are at the root of some of the biggest hits on television, whose birth took place in the most curious.

Best television and its origins:

1. Dr. House:

The real Gregory House is a woman named Lisa Sanders. Producer Paul Attanasio had the idea for 'House' when he read the scathing columns of this doctor in the New York Times.
2. You're a kid 'Pocoyo':

David Cantolla hit on the perfect name for this series when he heard his daughter say to the sentence of three years' child Jesus. " The little confused and instead of 'you're a kid like me' said 'you're a kid Pocoyo'.

3. Frank Sinatra, 'co-creator "of Scooby Doo

This animated series was originally going to call 'Who's afraid? ", With a dog named' Too 'as the protagonist. Its creator, Fred Silverman, gave the finishing touches while listening to the song 'Strangers in the Night' by Frank Sinatra. When Frank sang the part that says' doo ... See more

4. A Streetcar Named CSI:

Anthony Zuiker, tram driver and aspiring screenwriter, was heading a good day to play basketball. His wife convinced him to stay at home, and together they watched a documentary on forensic called "The New Detectives." After the program Zuiker had a brilliant idea: to create the ... See more

5. Desperate Housewives ... and murderers:

The writer Marc Cherry was shocked after seeing on television the story of Andrea Yates, a seemingly normal mother who, after a postpartum depression, killed her baby. Cherry thought it would be a good idea to create a series on the hidden side of a group of women in a neighborhood ... See more

6. Captain Kirk, the browser:

Gene Roddenberry had everything ready for his great creation, the science fiction series Star Trek. Lacked only outline its main character, Captain James Kirk. Rodenberry found inspiration in a real character: Captain James Cook, an explorer whose motto was' go further than ... See more

7. Miami Vice, by fax:

The official origin of this series came to investigate claims that the fight against drug trafficking. But the most widespread rumor says that all a writer came when he received a fax from NBC, with instructions for creating a new action series. The document contained only these ... See more

8. The Daleks, dancing robots:

Terrifying robots that plague the Doctor Who are inspired by ballet. The writer Terry Nation had the idea for a dance performance, noting how they moved the skirts of the dancers to turn on stage.

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