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sábado, 30 de abril de 2011

Youtube: New "School of Copyright"

YouTube has released a virtual school to raise awareness and sensitize the users for the copyright.

The site (called Copyright School) at the moment is a simple video that teaches you how fun is that the copyright (a word that in recent months is repeated ad nauseum), how it works and what could happen to one that infringe.

The intended purpose streaming portal with this movement is twofold. On the one hand to silence those who are pressed for them to do something about piracy and the other promoting the rise of content that do not violate copyrights. Until recently, if a user was caught uploading copyrighted content, was marked by Youtube and lost the ability to upload videos. Thus, a user might recover that capacity entering school and overcoming the 'review' on copyright ...

Even on the page the effect is a short questionnaire that we can fill in order to assess whether or not we understand what it is copyright.

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