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sábado, 30 de abril de 2011

Youtube Channel Now Has a Permanent Live

YouTube had been testing the system live broadcasts for several years now. You may remember some shows or some other isolated events and political events, but the streaming system was not permanent. Until today

The service enables a channel with several live broadcasts where users can see what they are giving at this time and review future programming (the system can program yourself using a calendar and subscribe to channels).

The site is in beta and the possibility of streaming will be releasing a bit longer for some members of YouTube (which now includes some universities and others like Mystery Guitar Man and The Gregory Brothers). The live broadcast will also incorporate a chat to interact with the public.

It is also expected to enable transmission of sporting events but not many details yet on this issue. The information further adds that the site plans would have to create 20 content channels themselves, which would appear in this line.

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