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sábado, 30 de abril de 2011

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Will be Released on June 17

Shortly after the European launch of the Nintendo 3DS, which was accompanied by 13 games in 3D, on 25 March, are now the titles will go on sale the next few months.

For starters, see June 17 for the first time in 3D and without glasses one of the most acclaimed rendition of the series The Legend of Zelda for Nintendo. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is a remastered version of the classic Nintendo 64, which came to light in 1998. The game has sold over 7, 6 million copies and is considered by critics as one of the best titles ever.

This new edition contains enhanced graphics that show the adventures of heroic link in great detail. Fans of the series will return to help Link in his quest to save Hyrule from the evil Ganondorf, exploring dungeons and temples, using the ocarina that gives its name to the title to achieve his goal. The game also takes advantage of the rotation sensor built into the Nintendo 3DS: moving the console, players will explore and observe the environment around you in person.

The game has been translated into five languages: English, French, German and, for the first time, Spanish and italiano.Si also still have a Nintendo 3DS, do not worry, because there are also interesting in view games for other consoles Nintendo DS range. Enjoy DRAGON QUEST VI: Realms dream, which goes on sale on 20 May, followed by Solatorobo: Red the Hunter, which will be available from 1 July.

DRAGON QUEST VI: Realms dream is the sixth adventure in the series Dragon Quest. This is a version of the popular turn-based RPG Super Nintendo (SNES), which has been translated and exported from Japan to Europe for the first time. In this game, you take on the hero to defeat the demon of darkness and rid Murdaw numerous battles through different worlds.

In your journeys through the various lands, explore new cities and dungeons, and you will face enemies that attack you when you least expect it. The title has a minigame, Limo resbaladizglop, available in bars and inns in the various cities to visit in the game. Use the touch screen of your Nintendo DS to play and grab all the points that you can slide the stylus to direct the limo to their destination or to go faster.

In Solatorobo: Red the Hunter, players will enter a fantasy role-playing game epic set in the floating islands of the Republic Sheperd. The player is Red Savarin, an anthropomorphic dog can become human, who must fight with giant robots called "wick" and other unique enemies while exploring the islands. The adventure is set in a scene created from anime graphics produced by some of the animators and manga artists famous in the world.

The owners of a Wii console can not miss titles like Wii Play: Motion, a package with 12 new games controlled by movement that includes a Wii Remote Plus red, Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident, an RPG and adventure and anticipated The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, which will come to the home console this year 201

If you prefer the action under the water, you will not have to wait long, because his debut on May 6 Diver Steel, a strategic action game for Nintendo 3DS.

This title will have you hooked from the first moment, when you take control and you guide your submarine through the various game modes, avoiding obstacles and attacking enemy ships. Use the rotation sensor periscope mode, have fun spinning in a swivel chair and watching the horizon in 3D moving with you, will be like looking through a periscope for real! Just do not forget, so back, launching torpedoes at the ships rivals to grab the victory.

On with Nintendo 3DS because this console is Nintendo's first platform that hosts a title from the popular fighting game franchise DEAD OR ALIVE. DEAD OR ALIVE Dimensions coming to Europe on May 20, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. In addition to more than 25 characters to play, you take the role StreetPass to combat computer-controlled characters.

Use this feature often to unlock collectibles and figurines as prizes. Fans of Dead or Alive series will be pleased to know that they can execute complex combinations intuitive control through simple touch-screen controls to live like an exciting new experience DEAD OR ALIVE, all in an incredible three-dimensional environment .

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