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sábado, 30 de abril de 2011

The Extra Film World's Most Famous

Have you heard this face? Surely you've seen in any of your favorite American series or in several Hollywood blockbusters.

The boy in question is called Jesse Heiman is not that successful actor, simply has managed for years to get on so well known movies as "Spider-man ',' Catch Me If You Can 'or' social network 'to become in the more extra envied by moviegoers.

Haiman, born in Boston and has over 2,600 friends in Facebook, is an expert when it comes to make very brief appearances in the most unexpected scenes, usually characterized as a normal student as fun or a 'freak'. We can see in '17 again 'Indian dress while Zac Efron dance at the sports center or playing a wind instrument with the rest of the band in a rendition of' American Pie '.

But as the big screen is not enough, we also usually see in many television series popular in the country as 'Chuck', which appears to work in the same mall that the protagonist, 'Glee' as a of high school kids, or young 'O.C'.

From now on we will be more attentive to locate in the next releases of the next film or television drama seasons. Then we leave you with a video to prove yourselves their commitment to participating in these productions.

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