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sábado, 30 de abril de 2011

The Extra Film World's Most Famous

Have you heard this face? Surely you've seen in any of your favorite American series or in several Hollywood blockbusters.

The boy in question is called Jesse Heiman is not that successful actor, simply has managed for years to get on so well known movies as "Spider-man ',' Catch Me If You Can 'or' social network 'to become in the more extra envied by moviegoers.

Haiman, born in Boston and has over 2,600 friends in Facebook, is an expert when it comes to make very brief appearances in the most unexpected scenes, usually characterized as a normal student as fun or a 'freak'. We can see in '17 again 'Indian dress while Zac Efron dance at the sports center or playing a wind instrument with the rest of the band in a rendition of' American Pie '.

But as the big screen is not enough, we also usually see in many television series popular in the country as 'Chuck', which appears to work in the same mall that the protagonist, 'Glee' as a of high school kids, or young 'O.C'.

From now on we will be more attentive to locate in the next releases of the next film or television drama seasons. Then we leave you with a video to prove yourselves their commitment to participating in these productions.

Hugh Jackman: New Candidate for The White Hunter

For all the media is trying to get Hugh Jackman star in "Snow White and the Huntsman", a film about the character of Snow White to lead Rupert Sanders.

At first it was thought that Viggo Mortensen star in the film and would be the Hunter, but the script did not convince the actor and left the project, so the gap that remains could be occupied by Jackman himself. Now that Wolverine 2 was canceled out by Darren Aronofsky, the Australian could have a hole.

At the moment the cast of Snow White is formed by the actress Kristen Stewart on the front that would join the shooting after finishing the Twilight series, with Dawn 2 and Charlize Theron, giving life to the wicked queen.

Hugh will tell if, finally agrees to be the Hunter in this adaptation of Snow White.

Angry Birds game is one of the applications successful in the world.

The little green piglets did not know what to expect. Without warning, the birds fell from the heights they destroy everything in its path. But this is no ordinary bird. These are angry or Angry Birds Birds.

Angry Birds game (where a fight against bird offended pigs stole their eggs) is one of the applications, or apps-most successful in the world.

Has been downloaded over 100 million times and is only part of a global industry-that-is expected to be worth over U.S. $ 30,000 million in 2015.

For its part, the online auction site eBay says that 15 million people worldwide have downloaded your app for iPhone in 190 countries and eight languages.

At the global level, every two seconds to purchase an item on eBay through its application.

What is an app?

An app is a program that is installed on a mobile device, whether phone or tablet, and can integrate the features of the gadget, like your camera or global positioning system (GPS).

You can upgrade to add new features over time.

The applications provide instant access to content without having to search the Internet and, once installed, you can usually access them without a network connection.

More and more companies are launching such programs to help customers find nearby restaurants, for example.

Research firm ABI Research says that in 2010 nearly 8,000 were downloaded apps million worldwide, representing a clear sign of its success.

A long process
However, creating them is expensive. A simple application can expend $ 32,000 and two months of work (also not expected to release a new technology that becomes obsolete).

This price is multiplied if you decide to throw for multiple operating systems. For example, an app designed for the iPhone will not work on Android and vice versa.

Then you have to pass the tests of the companies, like Apple, before starting to sell-even if it is free of charge in their virtual stores.

Once it reaches the shelves, then you have to compete with about half a million applications.

The process is restarted each time the operating system that is distributed is renewed and whenever it is intended to update the app.

Some companies will recommend to their customers, rather than developing applications, allocate resources for improved versions of their websites for mobile devices.

But the apps stay too long?

"We are seeing great advances in cellular and pages for many of the features found on a payment application, such as animation, are increasingly common in mobile web," he told the BBC Colin McCaffreym, technology company 2ergo mobile.

"It's hard to say that the applications will become disappointed when Apple has had thousands of million downloads in three years."

"Apple is pushing strongly apps, but at the same time Google is promoting the mobile web and I would not bet against Apple or against Google," says McCaffreym.

What does seem clear is that to attract new customers through a mobile device is becoming increasingly important.

Youtube Big Players in The Live Streaming

We knew from the first steps of Youtube with live streaming, but this time the Google report that the project will have a continuous space.

This is possible thanks to live streaming channel on Youtube, which will be open for certain users (members or persons) in order that they themselves who make their own coverage live.

The idea is that these "special users 'broadcast through an open channel on Youtube, thus creating a' sub-community" between the sending user and the other through the chat host to enable for this purpose.

YouTube will be announced through its website Youtube Live all the events scheduled for live broadcast. The project is in full beta, so there are few users currently issuers although over time this figure will increase.

While this project going (and it seems you have) looks like it might change our use of Youtube.


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Will be Released on June 17

Shortly after the European launch of the Nintendo 3DS, which was accompanied by 13 games in 3D, on 25 March, are now the titles will go on sale the next few months.

For starters, see June 17 for the first time in 3D and without glasses one of the most acclaimed rendition of the series The Legend of Zelda for Nintendo. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is a remastered version of the classic Nintendo 64, which came to light in 1998. The game has sold over 7, 6 million copies and is considered by critics as one of the best titles ever.

This new edition contains enhanced graphics that show the adventures of heroic link in great detail. Fans of the series will return to help Link in his quest to save Hyrule from the evil Ganondorf, exploring dungeons and temples, using the ocarina that gives its name to the title to achieve his goal. The game also takes advantage of the rotation sensor built into the Nintendo 3DS: moving the console, players will explore and observe the environment around you in person.

The game has been translated into five languages: English, French, German and, for the first time, Spanish and italiano.Si also still have a Nintendo 3DS, do not worry, because there are also interesting in view games for other consoles Nintendo DS range. Enjoy DRAGON QUEST VI: Realms dream, which goes on sale on 20 May, followed by Solatorobo: Red the Hunter, which will be available from 1 July.

DRAGON QUEST VI: Realms dream is the sixth adventure in the series Dragon Quest. This is a version of the popular turn-based RPG Super Nintendo (SNES), which has been translated and exported from Japan to Europe for the first time. In this game, you take on the hero to defeat the demon of darkness and rid Murdaw numerous battles through different worlds.

In your journeys through the various lands, explore new cities and dungeons, and you will face enemies that attack you when you least expect it. The title has a minigame, Limo resbaladizglop, available in bars and inns in the various cities to visit in the game. Use the touch screen of your Nintendo DS to play and grab all the points that you can slide the stylus to direct the limo to their destination or to go faster.

In Solatorobo: Red the Hunter, players will enter a fantasy role-playing game epic set in the floating islands of the Republic Sheperd. The player is Red Savarin, an anthropomorphic dog can become human, who must fight with giant robots called "wick" and other unique enemies while exploring the islands. The adventure is set in a scene created from anime graphics produced by some of the animators and manga artists famous in the world.

The owners of a Wii console can not miss titles like Wii Play: Motion, a package with 12 new games controlled by movement that includes a Wii Remote Plus red, Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident, an RPG and adventure and anticipated The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, which will come to the home console this year 201

If you prefer the action under the water, you will not have to wait long, because his debut on May 6 Diver Steel, a strategic action game for Nintendo 3DS.

This title will have you hooked from the first moment, when you take control and you guide your submarine through the various game modes, avoiding obstacles and attacking enemy ships. Use the rotation sensor periscope mode, have fun spinning in a swivel chair and watching the horizon in 3D moving with you, will be like looking through a periscope for real! Just do not forget, so back, launching torpedoes at the ships rivals to grab the victory.

On with Nintendo 3DS because this console is Nintendo's first platform that hosts a title from the popular fighting game franchise DEAD OR ALIVE. DEAD OR ALIVE Dimensions coming to Europe on May 20, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. In addition to more than 25 characters to play, you take the role StreetPass to combat computer-controlled characters.

Use this feature often to unlock collectibles and figurines as prizes. Fans of Dead or Alive series will be pleased to know that they can execute complex combinations intuitive control through simple touch-screen controls to live like an exciting new experience DEAD OR ALIVE, all in an incredible three-dimensional environment .

Gatunes, The First Spanish-fi Network

Kenneth Bentley, cofounder of Tuenti, and computer programmer Daniel Esteban Nombela, just released to the market Gatunes, the first Spanish network of music that we can get in touch with millions of music fans to share our tastes in music and favorite bands.

According to Bentley, "is a page to discover music. You can listen to your favorite artists through Youtube, make your charts and share your tastes with your friends."

The "Social Network Musical" will be completely free, not premium, ad-free versions, and will have a similar style to the U.S. or Groovershark Spotify. At Gatun, the user accesses creating your profile, and from there controls the content of the wall, listen to the songs you like and can share with the rest of the community. The page content is served from the video website YouTube and will be a perfect platform for groups that are beginning to make themselves known to the public by presenting their new songs, promote, sell their shirts, badges and other merchandising and advertising their future concerts .

"We were in the Canaries Kenny and I, and we had this idea, we started to develop and already in 2009 he joined Alonso, who is in charge of design. In late 2009 we were going to leave because things did not go, but went back to study it more depth, see the failures and reprogram it, and in September 2010 saw the project was more or less consolidated, "said Esteban was born Nombela regarding how Gatun.

Gatun is available in English, Portuguese and Spanish, "plus some dialects of Castilian and no application for iPhone or Android, and that this platform only" allows you to view videos with a flash movie "and" smartphones "no support this format. "

First Details of The Farewell Episode for Nathan Misftis

After the fuss that has been mounted on the Internet withthe abandonment Misfits Robert Sheehan, producers have been quick in letting go of how will this tragic farewell and plans to replace the character.

Howard Overman, creator of the series, referred to as a special "film" that will pass in Las Vegas, we assume that in a wild party given the key players have recovered parole.


Nathan suffer an accident involving their beloved pick'n'mix, while we will know who will be his replacement, a role for which one has transcended its name: Rudy. "We are very excited about the third season. Overman created brilliant stories surprised and fans can breathe easy as it begins in a way that no one can imagine, "added a network executive E4, Robert Wulff-Cochran.

Despite the enthusiasm of those involved, the fact is that lies ahead for the troubled mission to keep the series alive after the departure of its star, something that usually takes years to happen when seated on the grill (CSI, Stargate, Dr. Who , The Office) and in this case can be a fatal blow because Misfits is a newcomer out of his native England (in Spain opens Friday on MTV).

The special can be viewed on the website of the E4 channel before the series returns later this year (November-December) and is not in the counting of episodes of the new release, 8, one more than the second season. We do not know is what he had meant to refer to the special Overman as a film.

I do not think talk of a TV-movie and in that case it would issue on television. I guess something like Lost epilogue, yes, having something really interesting as the progress of one of the most subversive and hilarious characters on television today that the saying "live fast, die young and leave a beautiful corpse "comes in handy.

Jake Gyllenhall in Source Code

Before becoming a hollywood star and opt for an Oscar for Brokeback Mountain, Jake Gyllenhaal starred in Donnie Darko in 2011. This title key contemporary science fiction, cult film authentic, I had many things in common with source code, its last job opens Friday.

Both movies are risky, both dealing with time travel and I have been a cambio.Con a pass from childhood to adolescence and with it I think I've reached lamadures, I say Jake.

The actor forgets to point out that behind both films are very personal creative, young people wanting to blow up the rules of the genera in the air.

Source code, Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhall) is a soldier who is part of an innovative government intelligence plan that allows time travel in order to provide delitos.Stevens has the mission to find the terrorist who wants to fly the air a train in Chicago.


A Documentary Claims to Have Been Nailed to The Cross of Jesus

Can two of the nails used to crucify Jesus have been discovered in a tomb 2,000 years old in Jerusalem?

¿What could have mysteriously disappeared for 20 years, appearing to end a laboratory accident in Tel Aviv?

That is the premise of the new documentary "The Nails of the Cross" the veteran investigator Simcha Jacobovici, that even before its release has provoked a lively debate in the Holy Land.

The film follows three years of research during which Jacobovici presents his arguments, some based on empirical data, others need a lot of imagination and a leap of faith.

The investigator said the discovery is historic, but most experts contacted by Reuters dismissed it as implausible, and some called it a publicity stunt.

For centuries there have been many ancient relics, and other fasteners that supposedly goes back to the Crucifixion, as related to Jesus. Many were considered false, while others were accepted as sacred.

Jacobovici, which led to a discussion with another film that claimed to reveal the lost tomb of Jesus, says that this finding differs from others by its historical and archaeological context.

"What we are bringing to the world is the best argument ever presented archaeological found that two of the nails of the crucifixion of Jesus," he said in an interview in his trademark woolen hat.

"Do I know 100% that yes, are they?" No ".


The documentary begins with a visit to an ancient tomb discovered in Jerusalem in 1990 which was hailed by many in his day as the burial place of the Jewish High Priest Caiaphas in the New Testament Jesus presides over the trial.

The tomb, along with several ossuaries, or bone boxes, was discovered during construction work on a hillside a few miles south of the Old City. Since then it has been resealed.

Caiaphas is an important figure in the Gospels, by sending Jesus to the Romans and his death, and one of Jacobovici's claims is that the high priest was not so bad.

In the tomb were two iron nails, one on the ground and one in an ossuary, and, as the film mysteriously disappeared shortly afterwards. Jacobovici said that traced back to a laboratory in Tel Aviv of an anthropologist expert on ancient bones.

And if they are indeed the same nails - corroded by rust and arched at the end, almost intentionally - was his death a conspiracy or a logistical error?

Not offered a definitive answer.

In any event, Jacobovici shows why these fasteners can be used in a crucifixion, it was common practice for two thousand years. After offering his theory on why they might be used in the most famous crucifixion story.

"If you watch the whole episode, historical, textual, archaeological, everything seems to indicate that these two nails were involved in a crucifixion," he said. "And since that Caiaphas is only associated with the crucifixion of Jesus, put two and two and seem to suggest that the nails."

The Israel Antiquities Authority, who oversaw the excavation of Jerusalem, said in reaction to the premiere of the film that has never been shown beyond doubt that the tomb was the burial site of Caiaphas. He said it was common to find nails in tombs.

Youtube Channel Now Has a Permanent Live

YouTube had been testing the system live broadcasts for several years now. You may remember some shows or some other isolated events and political events, but the streaming system was not permanent. Until today

The service enables a channel with several live broadcasts where users can see what they are giving at this time and review future programming (the system can program yourself using a calendar and subscribe to channels).

The site is in beta and the possibility of streaming will be releasing a bit longer for some members of YouTube (which now includes some universities and others like Mystery Guitar Man and The Gregory Brothers). The live broadcast will also incorporate a chat to interact with the public.

It is also expected to enable transmission of sporting events but not many details yet on this issue. The information further adds that the site plans would have to create 20 content channels themselves, which would appear in this line.

Tapin Radio: Record Your Favorite Radio Programs

Tapin Radio is a simple program that can record our favorite radio programs.

The times in which we recorded on tape radio programs have passed. Had to be very careful to give the rec at the right time, with the disadvantages and worries constant (if the program was in the morning) that meant.

Fortunately, those dark times as I passed, and today we have applications such as Radio Tapin, allowing us to quickly and easily digitize our favorite.

The application has no mystery, it is extremely easy to use. As well as select the station you want to record and give the developer Rec is also completely open to suggestions you can think of do to improve the application.

Moreover software is free. What more could you want?

Download: Tapin Radio: http://www.raimersoft.com/tapinradio.aspx


Robert Pattinson is Thrilled with The Animals

The British actor, who stars in "Water for Elephants' with Reese Witherspoon, has said that he took very fond of the elephants she met on the film set.

Pattinson has admitted he came to mourn when his work in the film by Francis Lawrence, because he did not want to separate from their wild friends. And that more than one occasion he played dirty tricks, to the point of endangering his life.

"I cried the last day I was with Tai [the elephant in the film] on the set of" Water for Elephants'. I think I have more affinity with animals than with people, "also revealed the character of the saga 'Twilight' to the magazine 'Seventeen'.

His experience with Tai has marked much, as expected furry companions continue on their upcoming titles.

"For many reasons, I prefer working with animals and with children than with actors. Often when you're working with actors there I do not like competition, " added Robert.


Youtube: New "School of Copyright"

YouTube has released a virtual school to raise awareness and sensitize the users for the copyright.

The site (called Copyright School) at the moment is a simple video that teaches you how fun is that the copyright (a word that in recent months is repeated ad nauseum), how it works and what could happen to one that infringe.

The intended purpose streaming portal with this movement is twofold. On the one hand to silence those who are pressed for them to do something about piracy and the other promoting the rise of content that do not violate copyrights. Until recently, if a user was caught uploading copyrighted content, was marked by Youtube and lost the ability to upload videos. Thus, a user might recover that capacity entering school and overcoming the 'review' on copyright ...

Even on the page the effect is a short questionnaire that we can fill in order to assess whether or not we understand what it is copyright.

Tube +: Torrents and Streaming Together

´´Tube +´´ means a new twist to the P2P file sharing in general, since it is the first of its kind capable of holding and distributing files torrents with links like Megavideo or Hotfile cyberlockers and movie streaming service.

As I say, this is the first experiment of its kind (is now in full Beta) in bringing torrents and links to streaming sites. To mouth, they are its main features:

* Links to files BitTorrent, eMule, Cyberlockers and live streaming programs.
* Sponsored by The Pirate Bay.
* Lists of ratings IMDb.
* Searches for material by genre or year.

No doubt interesting but difficult undertaking undertaken by Tube +. I mean it will be severely persecuted by the managing body of copyright, in addition to the geographical limitations that many streaming services imposed on some items.

However, we wish you luck and hopefully prosper because the idea is really interesting.

The Double of Natalie Portman

Doubles can cause you a trick. Two actresses allegedly jumping into the fray to detract from the Oscar winner for Best Actress in "Black Swan" Natalie Portman. Meanwhile, she enjoys her last stage of pregnancy with her boyfriend Benjamin Millepied.
Thus, while the dancer who replaced Portman in some scenes of 'Black Swan' is claiming that the statue that caused the shell to become the best actress of the year was not fair, has jumped to the fore a new girl.

An Irish student named Caroline Davis has said he received 250 pounds sterling (300 Euros) for staging the scene of the movie 'Your Highness' in which the actress was swimming in the waters of a lake in Belfast. Apparently, the bride of Benjamin Millepied did not want to dive only a thong for warm water so cold.

There have been many allegations that have been made in relation to 'Black Swan' and the interpretation of Natalie Portman. ABC even collected some statements from Sarah Lane, the ballerina who ensures that the film's producers lie about the real participation of the actress in the film.

"I've been doing this 22 years and say that a person who trained a year and a half can do what I did those scenes is not only demeaning to me but to the world of ballet, " said the alleged double.

Meanwhile, Natalie Portman is immersed in his personal life, enjoying their last stage of pregnancy. Regarding his professional life, which continues to move full steam ahead, the April 20 premiere his latest film, 'Love and other impossible things. "

What is The Secret of Demi Moore to Look So Young?

At 48, Demi Moore is one of the best preserved actresses around Hollywood. After years of speculation, has revealed through his Twitter account their technique so smooth looking skin.

His trick is a hydrating mask. In the snapshot has been published in the popular social network, we observe that covers her face with it.

"Mask of hydration for someone?" could be read on the 'tweet' that left Moore on Monday 18 April.

Both Demi and her husband, Ashton Kutcher, are fond of recounting every detail of his hectic life in social networks. Of course, the paparazzi are not so nice, as was shown last Friday when they came out of a Hollywood film.

The last occurrence of Demi and Ashton was hanging on Twitter a photograph that appeared dressed as pigs to celebrate Purim, a day very marked in the Jewish calendar.


Philips Will Stop Making TV

The Dutch electronics company leave the production of these teams to focus on the objectives of the firm in the lighting and the provision of facilities for the medical sector.

The Dutch electronics giant Philips, the European group last major TV maker, announced it will abandon the activity, and transfer this unit to a joint venture with its partner TPV, an international manufacturer of monitors.

"Finding a solution for our television business was our top priority and recognize that the future POS 70/30 joint venture will become profitable for the TV business, and increased the concentration of the portfolio for Health and Philips wellness, "said Chief Executive Frans van Houten said in a statement.

Van Houten, a restructuring expert, took over as CEO on April 1.

The Dutch group is facing the Japanese Sony and especially to the South Korean Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, which lowered the prices of their TV through a model of high-performance production, benefited from a weakened national currency.

Founded in 1891, the Dutch group in 1950 produced its first black and white televisions, for domestic consumption. The production of color televisions began in 1962.

The television manufacturing business will become final after 2011 in a joint venture in which Philips will retain a 30 per cent. The remainder will be sold to TPV Technology, a specialist in LCD screens and computers based in Hong Kong.

The selling price of that 70 percent will be calculated based on the operating result (EBIT) annual industry average over a period of at least three years from 2012.

"In other words, Philips will receive cash for their participation only if the business sector get benefits," said Joost Akkermans, a spokesman

The televisions produced by Philips brand coempresa will look for at least five years in exchange for royalty payments.

The coempresa not sell appliances in China, India, United States, Canada, Mexico and some Latin American countries that the group would not specify, as they closed in other agreements that allow TV manufacturers to use the Philips brand.

The Dutch group, which has about 117,000 employees, including 3,500 in the television sector, was long specialized in the production of television sets and small appliances. But for the past ten years, the group is developing the production of medical devices, such as MRI scanners, and lighting systems.

"We must take our business of medical supplies to the top" of the market, and "maintain" the leadership in the lighting division, said van Houten, who believes that "must be done to unlock the full potential from Philips.

Philips is the world's largest maker of light bulbs, one of the three largest makers of equipment for hospitals and the largest producer of consumer electronics in Europe.

Competes with General Electric and Siemens in the health sector and spotlights, and Samsung and LG Electronics, among others, in the television sector.

HTC EVO as Desktop

There are many teams that can be used as "desktop", especially those with HDMI output and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect high-definition gadgets to monitor and use external keyboard and mouse as if we need it.

In this case we will see in action a EVO HTC 4G, and how easily it can make us turn it into a fully functional computer.

Let's first recall some of the features of HTC EVO 4G, so that later you can understand why all you see:

• 4.3-inch WVGA screen
• Processor 1GHz Snapdragon QSD8650
• 1 GB flash ROM
• 512 MB ​​RAM
• 8-megapixel camera with video recording at 720p
• Front camera 1.3 megapixel
• HDMI Output
• 802.11b / g WiFi
• 1500 mAh battery (with both to achieve good?)
• 8-GB microSD card included
• Sprint 4G WiMax / 3G EV-DO Rev. A
• Mobile hotspot connectivity, support for 8 devices

Now, here is a complete video to see it in action:


A New Story for Naruto

A few days ago I had the opportunity to test 3D Naruto-The New Era, the first game of the famous character for the Nintendo 3DS. I played it, without being revolutionary, do not look bad. This is an adventure side-scrolling action in which the most interesting are the battles, especially those in which we side with a final boss.

What if I would have thought in my time of Goku games have counted up stories different from those created by Mr. Toriyama? Assuming that I never liked the anime filler episodes and many of the films (at least by their inability to fit in with the main plot) and I hate Dragon Ball GT, I guess I would not have made a very funny DB title to tell me something devised by the Palotes Perico. Nor do I want to be short-sighted. If the fabricated story is good, you might even serve to further enrich the imagery of the series.

The use of the possibilities of the console is acceptable and must be evaluated that have tried to capitalize on almost all routes. First is the obvious, the 3D effect. Okay, it is striking in some scenarios (I'm afraid not all) and the cinematic. In any case, I believe that if I finally got the whole game, most of the time playing with the effect off.

On the other hand, has used the motion sensor on the console for some quick time events where we have to shake or tilt in a certain way the Nintendo 3DS, for example, dodge an enemy's special attack. The touch screen, albeit very limited, also has its use. Playing with the stylus or your finger on the icon can invoke the aid of auxiliary character. There are ten in total. Also on the touch screen you can activate the Sage Mode, which temporarily makes us more powerful.

However, what struck me most was the choice of argument. Instead of opting for the typical adaptation of one or more arcs of the anime and manga, has decided to create a completely new story line outside the canon of Naruto. The story revolves around a mysterious breakdown of peace between the different Villas Hidden and has even added a totally new, a ninja girl.

I'm not a big fan of Naruto. Something I've seen, but I have not even reached the stage Shippuden is that part of this title. However, I can not help but wonder if the fans will feel about it that set aside the main story and find a script unknown.

Successful TV Series: Game of Thrones

Titanic adaptation both for the spectacular that is derived from the descriptions of the writer George RR Martin and the depth of his army of characters, and that can only be told with a great display of media at the service of good craftsmen.

And who would be HBO, but the chain can align these elements making the most important premiere of the television programming in 2011.


Before you start with my impressions of this 1x01 Winter is Coming, I should be clear that I have not read the whole first book in the series A Song of Ice and Fire in supporting this first season, and therefore I can not make assessments of the series as adaptation determination.

Of course, both critics and supporters have said that this is a tremendously respectful view but with omissions and accelerating its expected argument leap to television format. And under what is seen and read I could not agree more.

Having made that clarification have to talk about the land of Westeros (or west, according to translations), which we almost know by heart thanks to a more than useful opening credits and titles of clarification arising from changes of locations. In it are 3 story lines that pass though miles away are closely related to the control of the Iron Throne of King Baratheon.

On the one hand and the North have an internal war for the crown which requires the actor Edd Stark (Sean Bean) to accept being the king's right hand with the reluctance of his wife. A request that takes place during a holiday visit of the monarch that ends the killing of a son of Edd, Bran Stark, at the hands of the Queen (Lena Headey, Sarah Connor the television) and his brother. While firmly shakes the throne of mysterious attacks also take place across the north of the continent muroal. A structure that protects the kingdom of creatures known as the Others. Finally attended Targaryen plans to regain the crown passing to unite in marriage to the princess with wild Daenerys Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa, the nuevoConan).

But those who come looking for an adventure story to use and can be removed from the head that this is not Camelot. By burning bright sword and sorcery that has Game of Thrones, the characters are too small to action or magic. From the Stark and his performances perverts mercilessly until Lannister, all follow a philosophy quite different from ours, with values ​​resembling those of medieval Europe anchored in its time, and why it is so difficult to classify them in a Bandoo in another. Around the Iron Throne loyalty and honor are at the top of the pyramid, which does not vary are the ways of transgressing: conspiracy, murder, blackmail, betrayal ... in short, is the cornerstone on that cements the throne that leads to this game.

What we find is therefore a full-fledged story palace conspiracy on the best course of The Tudors and I, Claudius. B ut any comparison is going to seem inadequate to the immensity that tries to embrace this adaptation. And that's basically because unlike those two series, A Game of Thrones is not limited by a real historical and geographical context, but the plot develops in a fantasy world. That is, the daunting task of recreating a scenario correctly we must add the time to contextualize the facts in a political and historical context unknown to the viewer. And that's where it senses the true greatness of the new commitment of HBO.

And for the record to say that "intuition", as perhaps with the first viewing the onslaught of characters and locations to achieve abrumaros (bottom you have a family tree to clear doubts.) But it is necessary to create a torrent that sense of connectedness to an assembly of loose scenes featuring the different families, especially when you have time constraints imposed by television. Actually that precipitation is the only defect that can be traced to this first installment. A ruling will not assume the remaining chapters after the introductions of characters.

For their part, talk about the technical aspect of the production of HBO has become so monotonous and do the same on the Pixar films. After re-create in 2010 the Atlantic City of the 20's in the best way possible (documentalaquí) Boardwalk Empire, HBO outdid itself in Game of Thrones by a photograph and purposes that have nothing to envy of epic blockbusters like The Chronicles of Narnia or The Lord of the Rings, unquestionable highlight of the staging as noted by Martin inthis interview, which also predicts a coming fever fantasy treated seriously in the small screen. And then the door could not have been opened in a better way.

domingo, 24 de abril de 2011

Ape Escape Reaches Playstation3

Sony will bring a surge of "monkey" with the title Ape Escape for PlayStation 3. The game, which will arrive in June, is the debut of the series in Japan Worldwide Studio Stuidos on PlayStation 3.

The series, which has achieved great success and critical acclaim over the years, goes a step further with PS3 combining the colorful world of characters simian great new game, including full compatibility with the PlayStation motion control Move.

Keeping the humor that characterizes the series, Ape Escape adventure for PS3 off when a race of space chimps and pranksters invade Earth. The players' mission is to capture the monkeys and save the world. This will require original scenarios go through 15 stages full of action and many 'goodies' to find the evil leader of the primates: Specter.

Backwards compatible with PlayStation Ape Escape Move, play becomes simple and intuitive. The motion control will be transformed into the TV screen, in a lot of gadgets to catch the pesky monkeys: the atrapamonos, the Slingshot, the fan or the disparate platanizer supercachivaches like apes or vacuum. Managing these crazy tools will be very easy for both large and small players, simply by using the PlayStation Move motion control.
The possibilities for fun are multiplied by two fun modes of play: in a crushing monkeys in battles of persecution, and in another attacking and defending from the enemies to keep monkeys steal your bananas to the player.

The blitz also have Ape Escape site thanks to its mini-games section. Players may enter this section and entertaining face three challenges. That's right: each of these mini-games are unlocked as you move through the story mode.

Other attractions in Ape Escape are the objects section, where players can brush up your exercises and improve their ability to ape captured chimpanzees in a training session to see how your junk, or Monopedia perfect for any queries on more than other than that there are 500 monkeys to capture.

All this and much more will Ape Escape, for the first time on PlayStation 3 and fully compatible with PlayStation Move, a perfect game for the whole family will hit the market next June.

martes, 19 de abril de 2011

The Powerful Image of Charlie Sheen

Despite all the problems are experiencing Charlie Sheen, the actor-related products are selling like hotcakes. Or rather, like muffins, in the case of a bakery in New Jersey.

In recent days, the actor's boasts that it is always about "winning" which has "DNA of Adonis," and that fighting the "trolls" who speak ill of him, have led to the emergence of several products to take advantage of his fame - or infamy, depending on how you look.

The former star of "Two and a Half Men" has set its own agenda, but has not yet said what it will be exactly.

In the town of Rutherford, New Jersey - west of the city of New York - the bakery Sweet Avenue Bake Shop has sold hundreds of cupcakes this week "Tiger Blood", decorated with the image of Charlie Sheen.

Danielle Vance, owner of the store with her husband Jake, said it launched the cupcakes on Tuesday and they had become "more popular every day."

"I had no idea of ​​the number of people who would come for them," he said.

The bakery cupcakes designs often inspired by celebrities, such as those brought to the sale last year with the image of Conan O'Brien, a well-known television presenter.

But Sheen muffins, orange and filled with berries, have proved the success of this year.

The cupcakes are adorned with the image of Sheen and his grin and the words "Winning Duh!" ("I'm winning, stupid"), inspired by the statements in which Sheen says he has "tiger blood" and that's why seemingly invincible.

In recent weeks, since the actor entered a rehabilitation program for alcohol and drug abuse, Sheen publicly launched a series of accusations against his former bosses now in "Two and a Half Men," and these, in turn, decided to dismiss.

But these events did nothing but increase the attractiveness of Sheen to his followers, and the Sweet Avenue Bake Shop is not the only small business that has decided to capitalize on his fame.

The energy drink supplier Harco Laboratories, based in California, has developed the "Energy Potion Tiger Blood", a caffeinated beverage and fruit juice flavor.

Not to be outdone, Sheen will begin to promote his "Charlie Sheen Live: My Violent Torpedo of Truth", a program for over 18 years to act on their own, which will begin on April 2 in Detroit and April 3 in Chicago

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Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood!

The previous raid pet Nippon Ichi in the genre of the platforms Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero? on PSP was a remarkable title that exceeded the expectations of many players, especially because the ping ¼ ino blue with a tendency to exploit had not left his saga origin, Disgaea-strategy role-playing, and was to see how it unfolded in this medium.

But NIS showed he could create a completely original game for this side and do well for, shall we say, more gamers, for the first Prinny was unsuitable for the less skilled, despite its colorful and childlike, because the difficulty bordered often absurd, standing side by side with games like Ghost'n Goblins for their ability to consume life and the necessary precision for the jumps. Many players thought that the 1000-equivalent Prinny lives-over, to prove that a phase could consume 100 or more attempts at the same point.

With just over a year after the departure in the West-two for Japan-Can I Really Be The Hero? now comes Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood!, a fairly continuous game merely polishing some of the aspects of the above, especially the most criticized, to improve an idea that was already very addictive, provided when the nerves and patience are not depleted. Prinny 2 follows the same lines of the original and not surprisingly, in excess, it is partly a game with 3D graphics and 2D displacement. The scenery is mostly polygonal with animated characters and enemies the old fashioned way. The mix was so popular in many 32-bit games, has not been as exploited in portable as we would like, but once you get a good bond is a result very solid game without great power, fluid, crisp and detailed. And Prinny 2 is one of the best examples of this perfect combination of volume and bitmap graphics.

The humor is the hallmark of Prinny, Disgaea and by extension of NIS. If the first adventure of ping ¼ ino had to look as slaves suicide bombers who we are, the perfect dessert for Etna, the self-imp most beautiful of the Underworld, this time we find underwear that someone has stolen your clothes lines, a goal that gives Title to the game-Home of the pants operation. A pitiful task to the "weakest monster"-the Prinny ", but as usual, is not alone. In fact, Etna is willing to sacrifice a battalion of 1000 Prinnys without mercy to restore your garment, so that's the limit of attempts to pass the entire game. Like the original, the dialogue and Prinny comments are absurd and improbable situations are nothing more than entertainment for the real game, but we will draw a laugh by the Japanese humor so distilled.

Can I Really Be The Hero? skirted the line delimiting the difficulty itchy and unnerving, often surpassing, a double-edged sword that for some it was a strong point compared to many other easy games that end in an afternoon. For others, could barely play three or four stages to hang on or jump final enemy consuming lives again and again, sometimes for minor errors that the game will never forgive. This high difficulty was one of the issues addressed in the sequel by NIS, not lowering the hardness to make the series beyond recognition, but so that at least some players felt tempted to repeat, and end-game. To remedy any criticism, this time there are three modes that cover all tastes, but we warned that even the easiest will test the reflexes to the max: Baby, Standard and Hell's Finest.

The default mode is similar to the first normal Prinny, but with two touches instead of three to kill ping definitely ¼ ino. That is, it has reduced the number of damage, but the difficulty is really to be the same as in Can I Really Be The Hero? Enemies and bosses have a vitality "acceptable" and is the default level if you've played the first, or you want a challenge that is humanly possible to finish and lasts many hours the game its longevity based on repetition rather than the actual number of stages.

Hell's Finest is only recommended for the second game, because it assumes that the first touch, our Prinny explodes. Suitable for anyone who really enjoy playing in a perfect manner, know all the routines of the bosses and key moments of the levels. It is one of the most difficult to overcome in front of the PSP we remember.

The way baby, that nothing is indicated to the young, is the new inclusion in the sequel, which is to appease those who attempted, but they could not get through the original game. Each Prinny can be played three times before he died, and the design of the scenarios is more comfortable, avoiding some falling to precipices, which means that in many dangerous jumps are extra floating boxes that correct our mistakes, cover some enemy fire and general greatly help the platform. Other aid in the form of items, bosses do not need as much damage to die and "shield" is smaller combos, and have eliminated the most dangerous monsters travel-whether by strategy or resistance. In short: The game now includes more players without giving up the difficulty reserved for only a few with the way Hell's Finest. Still, the ranting, blockades and the desire to launch the PSP out the window still present, but at least we do not have the feeling of facing an impossible challenge, and Prinnys bleeding is less.

As mentioned, Operation Dawn of Panties, Dood! has few really important new developments for those who know the first title of Prinny, and for that reason this is bad news. The control remains the hallmark of this pet, that unlike the Hedgehog Sega agile, able to measure the jumps with ease and even correct the address in the air, took off once Prinny feet off the ground is already jumping decided. It takes concentration and precise knowledge of the travel distances to avoid a precipitous fall, or hit enemies. It is inevitable that in the first games, especially if we have not played Prinny 1 - many of the NIS pets dying from such errors. It is normal, and this is also the feature that makes this saga little less adore or hate.

Jumping on enemies to crush the movement, not helpless, it knocks the enemies, making them more vulnerable to other attacks, and is the key to defeating the bosses that need to be beaten "with your ass" a few times before harm with our swords. Prinny has two weapons that do not hesitate to use for melee attacks or to launch waves of energy from the air. So far, no news about the first game. One thing that is different is that now Prinny can enter Break mode when chained combos, killing or bouncing off enemies when the damage increases ping ¼ ino and may make other special attacks. In easy mode also activates every time you press the switch control point, providing better our journey through the levels.

Another thing that has not changed is that in the first six phases can choose the order of play, but then we wait four more levels. Each mission represents a time in the underworld, there are 10 to retrieve the panties of Etna, "and when we overcome a difficult phase raises the following, changing some parts or the aggressiveness of certain enemies, and that means that each player can overcome the game a little differently to another, depending on the order of the game.

In any event, the 1000 Prinnys not going to over many, you have to save as much as possible, and bosses, which fortunately is an event itself does not require repeating the entire stage, are to blame for many deaths . Some of them are also in 3D, and have fairly elaborate strategies to be learned to explore the moments when you can jump over them and when to flee in the opposite direction. Since characters are thrown at us with jumps and other attacks on groups of enemies or entertainers who call an army of 100 Prinnys dark, they are all a waste of originality that go up the complexity by leaps and bounds. The game is based on rote learning each routine with mathematical precision; who does not have a trial and error may be away from this saga.

Climate change and situations-underwater, for example-Prinny 2 add something new to the graphic part and gameplay, plus some minor additions such small destructible platforms. In general, can not be considered the sequel as revolutionary or particularly innovative about the first, because it simply offers more levels with traps in the same style, there are often enemies are strategically located in places to prevent the player go without looking.

Technically it is not the most powerful PSP games, but it is the most beautiful of those we see on a laptop. Like the first, is extremely soft, with some very well animated 2D characters and colorful. Although most Prinny enemies and animations have been recycled, the scenarios are a little more detail. No one can say that there is a remarkable leap, but still a very solid game and you can not hassling graphically. Prinny 2 is a great example and lesson of how to make a dazzling play without extensive resources or a next-generation engine.

The sound is again offering a good level with the funny voices of the dialogue, with a number of 'dood' in each line of the Prinny abundant. Like the graphics, some effects have been reused for recurring role enemies, but the new tunes get to forget any defect in this sense, because for many minutes that we play a stage we have no feeling repetitive, it is the best compliment that can be do when you get stuck in combat and the bosses. Nothing memorable, but for all tastes, from the cheerful music to more cane, depending on the situation.

For if there is not enough to the main game, Prinny 2 includes a "minigame" that actually could be considered an alternative, Asagi Wars. The argument can be summarized in a new character, Asagi, has an accident and becomes a Prinny dark. One day seen on television that several imposters who call themselves Asagi, so he decides to prove she is the authentic, in a televised war in which only one survives. This mode is unlocked by finishing the main story, and is an indicator that there are differences in percentage of viewers, and the higher figure, according to our game, "is more technical activities. In addition, Asagi, but has Prinny body has arms and Etna's minions would like usual, like a gatling gun, a drill, a shotgun and a flamethrower.

With Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood!, NIS has perfected that it was a very addictive game, and incidentally, offers new levels to create a great sequel that certainly exceeds the first in everything, except the surprise factor . It is very replayable, is full of hidden objects to collect through the stages, kept the role of sharing reps with other players, there are different versions of the same level as the order of play and unlockable extras, starting with Asagi Wars.

If you liked Can I Really Be The Hero?, Prinny 2 should not miss in your collection, although in this case is exclusively in digital format in Europe and the United States. Even if the difficulty of the first Prinny threw you back, you should give a second chance to the saga with Prinny 2, because it is one of the best portable gaming platforms, and also the hardest.

Dc Universe Online Game

The world of video games and comics, are more united than ever. They are a perfect combination. The industry's leading publishers, currently live a strong and revitalized with the strongest companies and publishers and major entertainment systems.

The most famous heroes of graphic novels and comics, live their cinematic adventures and console versions of some accompanied and seasoned celluloid adaptations directly without using (and quite liked the results from the wording, Batman: Arkham Asylum and Spider -Man: Shattered Dimensions we refer in particular) with pretty good results. Obviously not all of the mountain is oregano, but the truth is that most games with superheroes in between, are living a second life after the boom of the 16 bits of the early nineties.

Currently we have two major publishers in the world of comics: Marvel and DC. For those new to the issue, Marvel is the holder of, say, Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America or the X-Men, while DC does the same rights to Superman, Batman, The Joker, Lex Luthor , Green Lantern or Wonder Woman. Both companies, in addition to dozens of comics and edited volumes focusing on the dilemmas of the characters we've mentioned above (among thousands), sold the rights to dozens of third-party companies that are licensed to superheroes for any product that is marketable . Among these companies are obviously video game development companies.

The last of these licenses on the idea of ​​carrying out one of the most ambitious projects in superhero adaptations: to convert the DC Universe in a large degree completely online action role. Sony Online Entertainment (SOE), a company expert on these necessities, has put the whole hog to ensure that everything goes without a hitch. No easy task to please everyone, especially if we consider that DC has one of the multiverse more complex, rich and big world of fiction, and more is worse if we know what "special" are the most fans franchises such distinctly "viñetil."

It is very difficult to please all audiences with a good game, and if we add up the equation one of the juiciest franchises we've ever seen, it is quite normal that many dudasen the result from the same ad (about three years ago .) So the question is clear: There will be achieved with DC Universe Online SOE a title to live up to expectations? "We are although the blue tights and red sheet that we have tied around his neck? And the purple clown suit psychopath? "Hero or villain?

A world full of heroes and villains

DC Universe Online, is one of the games with more of superheroes and villains per square meter. It's all an ode to the world of Detective Comics, and therefore we will have an overwhelming representation of the entire cast of characters from the publisher. And the care with which it was decided to recreate the multiverse of DC, is obvious. DC Universe Online has enjoyed the creative direction of renowned artist Jim Lee. Jim Lee, to anyone who does not know, is a reference in the comic world.

His career is nothing short of enviable, having gone through several publishers (Marvel among them) and working closely with other major artists and creative class (as Todd McFarlane and Alan Moore). Jim Lee has a fundamental role in the process of gestation of DC Universe Online, and that is something that is evident from the start of the game. But not alone. The cartoonist, creator of several stages of Superman and Batman has joined forces with the renowned writer Geoff Johns, responsible among other things, one of the most enduring and stable stages of The Flash.

With such a powerful creative team, the result is normal, a priori, is almost excellent. DC Universe Online starts strong, with a fairly apocalyptic premise: one of the greatest enemies of Superman, Brainiac wants to devastate Earth with an army of cyber soldiers. Superman, almost overcome by the threat, as your opponent looks more direct, ruthless billionaire Lex Luthor, has an idea as cool as dangerous: superpowers give millions of citizens to avoid the threat robotic Brainiac. Thus, in major cities worldwide, thousands of its inhabitants will be recruited by a larger force, thus having to decide whether to combine their powers to save the planet or to join the legions of the evil Brainiac cyber villains.

And that's where we come. After the original point (which seems quite correct to justify the huge amount of heroes that will come up under rocks in a title like this), we choose to work with lifelong heroes like Green Lantern Superman or Batman, or enjoy a life of crime as friends of The Joker, Scarecrow, Luthor or Brainiac. Obviously, given the game's main argument, we can not embody the role of any of the major heroes and villains of the DC squad (as mentioned above), but we can play with them and against them, feeling part of a whole "fairly consistent with the universe of comic that tries to represent.

The argument of DC Universe Online is not no big deal, but it's pretty fun and entertaining to follow. That is, being a hero or villain, we care what kind of decision is made by our side. And while most of the missions and the premises of the script are solved as usual in the genre of multiplayer online role (see "a" for "x" or eliminate as many "x" as you can in the area "a"), if the player is a fan of the comic world, will feel at home.

Sure many are thinking: "Well, Brainiac is invading the world, and we have received some powers ... how I take advantage of this lottery?" As I have said before, just start the title, we must choose our side ( or morality, as it is known within the game). The superhero creation screen is the typical character creation mode almost any RPG worth its salt, with various configuration and customization options. DC Universe Online have five main attributes: morality, personality, super, type of movement and weapons. The combination of these will give different and unique characters, choosing gender, height or physical corpulence. Freedom of choice and "customization" of our hero or a villain in DC Universe Online is quite large.

I mean, obviously we can not create us a Superman or Batman, but we will have the opportunity to create something similar to some that we are inspired in the great editor. One of the things that most fans will appreciate the editorial and the characters, we will have the opportunity to design costumes and costume very similar to those seen in the classical age of comics (which is known as the Golden Age DC ), with a lot of symbols, colors, coats and suits at our disposal. Every detail that fans will greatly appreciate.

Yet the players who are overwhelmed with so many changes and choices will always have the opportunity to create heroes or villains with a random templates designed for the occasion, inspired by the physical aspects and attributes of the most famous in the world DC.

The character development is a very important point in an online RPG. And if we consider that we embody and megavillanos superheroes! DC Universe Online, as in almost any RPG, apart from choosing appearance and class, we have to choose the way forward with their skills and powers. DC Universe Online, it should be clear: the characters do not gain experience points and level up PX. That is, the progression of our character is based on the achievement of objectives and missions.

What to many may seem silly, it is fortunate for all players (especially for more casual), and the avoidance of repetitive tasks to be done continuously (either combatant or collection), focusing more on overcoming missions that will gradually, unlocking part of the argument. In turn, DC Universe Online will also give us extra missions with which we can get special equipment for our hero or villain, as well as extra money. At first we will see how our character has few skills or is partially limited in their development, but everything will be cleared little by little as we get a few levels and start to unlock missions and goals.

DC Universe Online are two types of points, which will be received as level go up. These points are classified into skill points and power points. These points, according to their origin, can be used to unlock new skills or ranks in the skill tree of our character. Skill points, for example, can be spent on improving weapons (pistols, shotguns, clubs and bows and body movements cuper) and the improvement of movement (fly faster, airstrikes, faster while running).

The power points are a bit more complex. The power points are spent in a kind of tree, which is divided into several different sections, such as Invocation, or Destination iconic power. As we continue to invest our points in the various options available, see one of the points that we liked the game: we can develop a character to our needs, without fear of having a class premeditated or anchored to our avatar. That is, we will have the opportunity to go to improve different skills and superpowers of our hero, giving us real control in the future of our character in the game, no class restrictions or things like that (very common so far in games multiplayer role, but it seems that after Final Fantasy XIV and DC Universe Online has become a thing of the past.)

The combat in DC Universe Online, is very, very direct. Almost frantic. According to the character we have chosen and personalized, our way of fighting will be one or the other. For example, if your hero or villain is especially athletic and acrobatic jumps and spins will be giving around our enemy while they hit different shots. If, however, is very heavy or muscular, you can take down anyone with a couple of punches and kicks well struck. The flying characters may climb to the heights and swoop against his opponents ...

It depends on how we set our hero, we have a result or another. The control is fairly simple, based on riffs and clickeos mouse and keyboard for the PC version. And watch out, here we have to break a lance in favor of the version for Sony's console, where control seems much better adapted and configured the character in the version compatible.

And, to be a role playing game arcade and live a little, playing with a pad or joystick, is nothing short of a recommendation, especially if you want to have the true feeling of being controlled to a superhero or a megavillano of the comic world (more as if we refer to the complicated combinations of buttons or keys on the more complex combos and strong).

From Gotham to Metropolis and shot because I have to

DC Universe Online is an MMORPG, but with certain aspects of it away a little of the genre, and somewhat closer to the more direct action. DC Universe Online, you can play two different ways. We can play alone if they want, beating missions and goals for ourselves. Share "universe" with other heroes and villains, but do not interact with them if we wish. If at any time we want, we can choose a small group of superheroes and work cooperatively in certain missions.

The choice of DC Universe Online game is more connected to the community. We choose sides or links, grouped according to their morality (Legions for the villains and superheroes league for) so you get the best out of the scheme and the title's multiplayer gameplay experience with more players. For this type of multiplayer mode in particular, we have the typical "dungeon", the usual and normal PVP missions community. We may even get to fight or fight with the most famous of DC! Come on, it will be quite funny to see how shoddy villains come together to topple to the ground or as various types Superman capes and masks the Joker cornered in an alley to give a good humbling experience. In a nutshell: DC Universe Online also gives us the opportunity to participate in huge battles of heroes against villains on servers dedicated to PVP.

Broadly, DC Universe Online, is a game that allows both styles of play (PVP and PVE), and is ready for either a solitary experience, and for the online entertainment communities own multiplayer role-playing games.
Technically groundbreaking

DC Universe Online is a game full of technical details. Fluently using the famous Unreal Engine 3, and it shows. What could have been a graphic pastiche, full of shiny effects but little work in the design and modeling, has become a benchmark figure within the genre it belongs. The sharp style and design (with obvious and necessary references to the world of the cartoon), and impressive modeling (both main characters as the heroes and villains of the players), do the rest. It's amazing the level of detail that handles the game. The great thing is that no equipment is needed particularly powerful PC to move properly. The game is well optimized.

It's all a pleasure to walk and wander through the DC universe, full of colors, heroes and villains. The variety of scenarios is large enough, despite having two huge megalopolis as a hub for the locations. The quests, dungeons and other locations will be set in two cities in the world of DC: Gotham and Metropolis. Both the city's masked crusader as the Man of Steel, will be faithfully recreated, full of places recognized and admired by all: the building of the Daily Planet, the Watchtower of the Justice League, the Arkham Asylum and Gotham police commissioner . The move from one city to another, give more coherence to the excellent atmosphere that follows DC Universe Online, and it will make us feel in a universe full of life.

The music stands in moments it should, with epic compositions designed for the occasion (and with some reminiscences to the scores that we all have in mind when we think about certain superheroes). No objection.

The PC version is quite a technical marvel and graphics. Another aspect to which we are forced to deal when the technical and support is the lack (at least during our test period) of any failure or problem in relation to the connection. Absolutely everything has gone smoothly.

Final conclusion on Infinite Earths

Comics fans and RPG, you're in luck. DC Universe is a MMORPG full of references, hints and characters that many love and enjoy since we were little. Touching the piece of comic video game moves to an excellent and friendly (something we are used lately), giving us a wonderful and powerful title that put in many hours of our spare time. Many complain of their accessibility or its acute and direct arcade game system, but it works. Works by these changes in comparison to other multiplayer RPGs (changes seen especially in its core gameplay), get that DC Universe Online is a game more fun and consistent with its approach.

They get a title that might have gone unnoticed, become a benchmark to follow in the future by its competitors. Never be a superhero or a villain been so much fun. The best part is that we can share our fun with thousands of players. If you want a multiplayer role-playing game by any measure, with lots of action, superheroes, and the possibility of playing on the console (and do not mind paying a monthly fee), do not wait. DC Universe is your game. And is now available! Id preparing your layers and masks, there is much work to do.

Videogame Inazuma Eleven

In recent months he has appeared on television a Japanese anime series that without doubt the smallest and perhaps not so little-known home and religiously follow each chapter.

Inazuma Eleven is, a cartoon in which precedence football, personal growth and fellowship, sufficient ingredients, along with a spectacular performance, have given this series a great success. In fact, from the famous Oliver and Benji since we saw on TV a decent anime of the same subject, and no doubt it will become a benchmark for the younger generation as it was Oliver and Benji for those who today are about thirty or forty years.

But Inazuma Eleven is more adapted to current times, and away are the days when stadiums were mile markers and the parties lasted three or four chapters. If Songoku became fashionable in his day life waves and the current One Piece the development of new combat techniques through effort and sacrifice, just missing an eye smart who knew combine these ingredients with the beautiful game, the result? Inazuma Eleven. And the boob tube to the game today there is only one step, especially when success is assured in advance, but in this case was just the reverse, the video game version was born first. Level-5, the programming team directly responsible for renowned titles like Professor Layton series, has been the architect of this little gem that football is now in its third installment in the country Japan, will have its Wii version, and is supported for more than three million sales through that country.

It all starts with Mark Evans, the goalkeeper and captain of the football team Raimon Institute. It seems that only he is interested in training as the rest of the team has no motivation, do not even have enough members and not only one of the worst in the area, they are mocked by other teams disciplines of the institute. One day, fate does Mark know that Axel Blaze, an exceptional striker well known among young soccer fans, so do not waste time and asks you to join their team.

Mark is highly motivated and able to complete the necessary staff to complete the team and facing up to the match which will decide his fate. And so begins a story that takes us to the glory of having first discovered dark conspiracies seeking something more in football to be winners of a tournament. Granted, the argument is not a display of ingenuity and imagination, ultimately begin and end with the last being first is common to 95% of video games, but it's the perfect excuse to launch a title many have waited a long time until its launch in our country.

The game is designed so that, at times we do not have to play a game, is a full-fledged RPG, where we have to go to fulfill various missions such as finding a place or find someone. Unfortunately indicators have gotten that at all times know where to turn, and even know how many characters can talk and its location, which added to a simplistic scenarios make this section is rather poor. The control moments are resolved as football matches, and to rescue someone or get some special object, instead of using swords and shields use a ball and our expertise. Overall, the game is structured in chapters, in which the end of each game we expected a full-blown.

Throughout each chapter we will be opening up areas, new characters and throwing small pachangas of four to four that used to go up the level of the characters, these parties need to complete basic tasks such as dialing a certain number of goals at the specified time, or retrieve a ball or attempt a impenetrable defense. When we are in most role-playing game, we can handle the character using the crosshairs and buttons or the stylus, although the latter form is somewhat strange since we do is "create" an arrow or vector indicating the direction and speed of our character by moving the stylus, has proved more comfortable, even in spite of having continuous setbacks with the environment that impede our progress and any situation in which we were unable to move the protagonist and had to return to crosshead to continue.

Up, gosh, the victory is yours.

On the football field, however, necessarily have to play with the stylus, as the characters move showing them the way they should go. At the moment our players come into contact with the opponent, there are three options to resolve the situation display differently. Whatever you choose, you will see a 3D animation (the game takes place from an isometric view) in which we see the result of our action. This is a short film in just two seconds that is attractive, but it is seen as a tad slow to load, enough to cut the flow of play and be a bit boring, especially when we have seen same animations a few times.

However, and here comes one of the strengths of the game, one of the three options is to be a supertécnica, a sort of devastating movement has a spectacular animation, and if we consider that each character can have several supertécnicas, which are learning as you go up a level or by secret notebooks, and we have one of the key ingredients that make Inazuma Eleven one most desired titles of recent times and is more than a thousand different characters, each one characterized perfectly distinguishable from others, give to many of these supertécnicas. However, when we played it a little confusing to recognize our players for the opponents, at least until we have equipped our team with new uniforms, which is a point against the final score in this analysis.

So here may seem quite basic in concept, but Level-5 has been drawn from a hat a number of features that provide high doses of Inazuma Eleven strategy. For starters, it has given the players and their supertécnicas affinity system similar, though much simpler when only four elements to that seen in Pokemon, we have to take into account when designing our team before each confrontation, as they play an important role.

For example, a player with an affinity to fire will have an advantage over affinity to forest, and when using an air supertécnica, a player with the same affinity will cause the power of supertécnica increase. On the other hand we also have the passion points and friendship points. The first is needed to enhance the skills of your team, while the latter will help us get more friends and expand our team. There are also other items that are consumed while playing, and are energy points according to their number will determine the speed of each player, and technical points needed to perform the supertécnicas.

For all these reasons, it is our duty to know our players know what stand out: speed, endurance ... all in order to develop a team and a winning strategy, which also may change at any time during the game pause technique, so you have to add the possibility to use different formations and equip items. No doubt this game has enough elements to put in the hours and hours to master to perfection, let alone one hundred percent complete.

The graphic section is full of contrasts, because as we said before, rpg scenarios in which we have to go running looking for places and talking to different characters are pretty frugal, but anytime you can skip an anime type animation that will leave us speechless, as we have seen many times in the saga of Professor Layton, and besides, the voices are the same as in the TV series, which helps to enhance the experience.

The game has an ad-hoc system to enjoy three other friends with whom we can exchange players, however, and this is one of the less we liked, makes no sense that the system serves only wi-fi to download characters, parking the enormous opportunity that the power would fight someone else in the globe and learn new techniques or benefit from their experience. The amount of characters you get is immense, and if you get them all is a task that seems daunting to us, squeezing each of its supertécnicas and raise their game to ensure skills as long as you wish.

All looked forward to the release of this game in Spain, but we should not fool ourselves, this game is from 2008 and in Japan is now in its third installment, so take it as what it is, a game with two and a half years antiquity and also initiates a series, which is a lot of defects. But it also has virtues, many, as the depth achieved in terms of strategy, and also in Nintendo Europe have managed to wrap her in a good translation and localization, with the same voices that we hear daily on the boob tube. No doubt the younger, presumably the audience it is targeted by this title, enthusiasts can enjoy the adventures and fortunes of Mark Evans captained the school football team Raimon.

Batman Arkham City Will Go on Sale on October 21, 2011

Batman: Arkham City, one of the most anticipated games of the year, will be available in our country on October 21 for Xbox 360, PlayStation three and PC. Developed by Rocksteady Studios, the sequel to the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman offers an authentic experience.

Batman: Arkham City continue with the atmosphere of Batman: Arkham Asylum, taking players to Arkham City â € "a scenario 5 times larger than that of Batman: Arkham Asylum, and the new" home "thugs, gangsters and other criminal minds of Gotham City. Located in a dilapidated district of Gotham City, this long awaited sequel will bring an entirely new story with some of the classic characters and the worst villains in Batman. The game will also feature a large number of new features to deliver an experience worthy of the Dark Knight

Batman: Arkham City is based on the Batman license of DC Comics. Fans can visit www.batmanarkhamcity.com to receive the latest news about the game and join the discussions of the newly http://community.batmanarkhamcity.com web community to keep abreast of the latest Batman developers Arkham City

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